It's a Prank! 9 Funny School Pranks: Prank Wars

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It's a Prank! 9 Funny School Pranks: Prank Wars 4.5

Hey, did your classmate just give you a chocolate candy? Stay alert though, because the prank war is on! Get yourself ready with these amazing school prank ideas! Discover ways on how to make a (not) yummy mustard flavored chocolate candy and, for a refresh, add a bottle of Coke with a Mentos trap inside! Learn to get your friend off the phone by swiftly changing the language settings and put a rubber band lock for extra irritation! Stay tuned for this and even more funny prank hacks!

00:04 Plastic Wrap Trap
01:13 Mustard Flavored Candy
02:29 Sticky Water Tap Plug
03:46 Handy Writing Prank
05:20 Rubber Band Phone Lock
07:10 Pen Ink Stain
08:10 Phone Language Swap
09:47 Mentos Coke Surprise
10:55 Fake Frog Prank

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Hey, Prankster Pandas 🐼🔔
Hmm… I think your classmates are onto something! 🎁💥🤯
Stay alert and don’t take any candies from strangers! Prank them instead! 💣🤓🧠
Let me know which of these pranks you’ll be using on your friends?! 😂👻😱
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Much love from Crafty Panda 💖💖💖

Author — Crafty Panda


Emily is a beautiful girl and emily & jacob is the best pair

Author — Godi nageshwar rao Godi Lakshmi


Ka super atha epdi neenga azgha irrukenga lam priya ka

Author — ramasubbiaha venkatraman


I just can not believe people disliked her video
Its too perfect

Author — George Tawiah TIDAKBI


Whyy would you do any of these pranks to your friends if you don't want to destroy their lifes

Author — Jusuf Nuhovic


Why prank your friend by making them break up with their gf that's just rude and that's how you lose a friend 100%

Author — Avery A


I like that press, twist and pull one.... I'll also prank my friends. Thank you 😊❤️

Author — Zaiba Parkar


6:20 Emily said: "I'm leaving you too!!!''
Mehh: That was a prank man!

Author — Olive ;-;


3:12 well how am I supposed to wash my hands now..

Author — Tejaswita Khaire


8:45 THAT is why we have passwords people! 😂

Author — Molly Hutchison


Por um acaso alguém aqui fala português porque eu não sei falar essas línguas estra hás

Author — Cynthia Bernardes


7:08 who else thought she was drunk? 😂

Author — Unitato


It's the best channel ever and I am so proud of you

Author — Laura Laura


How many of you liked when it said smash that like button😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Rinki Rahul Jain


Who likes crafty panda?
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5 minutes craft - comment

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شوفو المقطع قبل الخير يضحك هههههههههههه

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