How will Hong Kong deal with growing public discontent? | Inside Story

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How will Hong Kong deal with growing public discontent? | Inside Story 4.5
Anger over Hong Kong's controversial extradition bill isn't going away, even after it was suspended.

A controversial extradition law has been suspended in Hong Kong, but protesters say that's not enough.
The bill would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China for trial. The demonstrators have demanded it be scrapped completely.
And they now want the territory's leader Carrie Lam to step down too.
The chief executive serves like a prime minister and is chosen by a committee. But it's made up of mainly pro-Beijing politicians and business leaders.
The 'one country-two systems' governance deal with China, was meant to protect Hong Kong's semi-autonomy status.
But protesters say their freedoms are under threat, and they'll fight to keep them.
So, how will Hong Kong administration deal with this?
And how's it viewed in China?

Presenter: Adrian Finighan

Emily Lau, former chairwoman of Hong Kong's Democratic Party.
Einar Tangen, policital analyst.
Steve Tsang, Director of the China Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies.

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Now you see why Taiwan refuses to be part of mainland China.

Author — D. Augustine


C-Lam hits wrong button that makes million umbrella open

Author — at72bd


"Tragedy, " Einar? Like Tiananmen Square? (Oh, right, we're not supposed to talk about that.)

Author — SilvanaDil


It was actually Hong Kong that did well for China. Not the other way round.

Author — Chris


It's amazing to see the will of the Hong Kong people to have a Democracy.

Author — Jay M


11:10 This guy has no idea how the Chinese judiciary system works. If you're agains the official line, they make up some accusations and you're basically done. There is no rule of law in China, that's why as soon as Hong Kong would have an extradition treaty with China, Hong Kong would essentially have no more rule of law.

Author — Tarik Hamani


Who is this Einar Tangen puppet? if I want to watch a puppet talk, I'd watch sesame street.

Author — Love Jesus天安门大屠杀1989年6月4日


God bless Hong Kong, God Bless Freedom!

Author — Zev V


Beijing has a very eloquent puppet. Stay free Hong Kong.

Author — George Acun


Carrie Lam is a dump mother. She should learn from Joshua Wong, he is young and intelligent. He knows how to protect Hongkong People that is why they put him to the jail. Shame on you, Carrie Lam. You are Xi' hen.

Author — ngcmnh


Good for Hong Kong greetings from Canada.

Author — David Hynes


let the world hear the voice of people in Hong Kong.

Author — Peter Jenny


after 97 UK handover to china that time china already said one country two system now not even 50 years... People in Hongkong i support you.. ^_^

Author — James Yang


Inagine if this happened in mainland China..

Author — Anon


There will be more demonstrations. Read my letters to editor in Financial Times about Hong Kong. Carrie Lam must go. One country two systems is a lie.

Author — Frankie Leung


we need to call for the infamous hongkong triads to reinforce the protest. where are they now ....?

Author — D Loui


Carrie Lam: "As a dignified woman, I should retract this bill and I would also like to step down as people in Hong Kong demands."

CCP: "Do that so that you and your entire clan will be forcefully extradited and be charge with whatever we want in China."

Author — Secret Player


Title should've been, " How *Long* will Hong Kong deal with growing public discontent " ?

Author — Nashwa h


People in Hong Kong
For Your Children Future Or The Next 28 years. Look at What is Happenings In The World. This Is The Best Time For You Hong Kong To Be out Of The Hand Of Communist Regime. Think About It...

Author — Vinh Ngo


This was all Beijing Lam is a puppet for China....

Author — Thomas C