Jon Stewart rips Rand Paul's 'virtue signaling' in blocking 9/11 victim fund

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Jon Stewart rips Rand Paul's 'virtue signaling' in blocking 9/11 victim fund 4.5
A bill to ensure funding for the health care of Sept. 11 first responders is being held up in the Senate by Sens. Rand Paul and Mike Lee; reaction from TV personality and advocate Jon Stewart and 9/11 first responder John Feal. #SpecialReport #FoxNews

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These men and women should never have to worry about their health bills ever again.

Full stop.

Author — Joe Madden


What could possibly be a counter-argument to this? Call me a socialist, but I want my tax money going to people that save lives.

Author — Kyle Darling


It is mindblowing seeing Jon on Fox. He is doing what he believes in. Can't find fault in that. Some fights are worth fighting. Good on you sir

Author — lordspam


Of all the spending bills that need to be blocked, this is not one of them.

Author — Justin Oliver


I never thought I'd see the day where I press "like" on a Fox News video, yet here I am.

Author — Justin Smith


John Feal calling Mike Lee a liar and specifically saying why on national television uninterrupted is probably one of the most surreal things I’ve seen on Fox News

Author — Gambit08


Left, right or center, this isn't about politics. We owe these people for their sacrifices. Period.

Author — Nabo42


Look at this comment section. I haven't seen the left and right wholeheartedly agree like this EVER. As a country if we can't take care of our heros who gave their lives their health for us we are absolutely lost.

Author — LuxLisbon


LOL, Rand Paul cut taxes for billionaires but we can't take care of first responders🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Author — S.H. K.


I’m a 10 yr volunteer first responder firefighter. I hope they get the help they deserve. Thank you Jon Stewart.

Author — wesleylatham


Rand Paul

You’re not going to be facing Jon Stewart the’re going to be facing Jon Stewart the activist.

Author — MegaMr46


FOX producers: "Wait, we can have Jon Stewart on? And he won't make fun of us?" 0_0

Author — Nat Zimo


Looking at the comments and I'm disgusted with the majority of them. Those who were at the Twin Towers and rescued American Citizens deserve compensation for their work. By anyone saying they don't deserve it absolutely must believe our Veterans don't deserve any help! Those in the Military average $18k a year income. These NYC Rescue, Police and Fire Fighters need their medical bills paid for. America owes them, not just NYC. Not all of those people lived in or around New York. They came in from all over the country to help. Congress wastes more money on BS like all those paid vacations, transportation, ect for their Personal use. Cut their budget and give it to these people!

Author — tracy nolan


Got to agree with John Stewart 100% and that is rare for me...he is right on money! This is shameful and the idiots who are blocking it should pay for it when Election time rolls around...

Author — Michael Crenshaw


If I knew my tax dollars were going to saving first responders, I would be super happy and I don't know who wouldn't be.

Author — Ronny Fahmi


They spend all the money in the world for bombing other countries, staging coups for oil, and giving tax cuts to the rich, but act like we need to be fiscally responsible for what constitutes as a drop in the bucket by comparison for First Responders and American citizens in general

Author — Trent Maduro


Jon must LOVE having to go on Fox to get his point across.

Author — MrJturner74


This money is owed to these Americans. This is a debt that we owe them. How is it any different? Just like with the vets it is something we already promised to them.

Author — The Driftless Verse


Some of the comments here to this are Learn your facts before you These men and woman deserve what they were promised. We were told the air was fine when it wasn't. This covers civilians not just first responders. Balanced budget?? Fraud??? Really??

Author — Poppa Joe Benecke Sr


I agree with Jon Stewart, this should be funded.

Author — Thomas