Russian Elections: Latest results

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Russian Elections: Latest results 2

United Russia have now snuck up to a 50.1% share of the vote, and although this represents a fall in support from the 64% won in 2007, it puts the party within touching distance of being able to form a majority government.

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@14842 hah! I've been saying that for years - the antichrist thing I mean. scary. hope the Russian people will choose love and light and God soon, otherwise our country will go down in flames

Author — Anastasiya


Giant Strawberry on right side of screen 1:05

Author — shadowreality5


@alainvig no you are, you just have to open your eyes and face reality.she is right Vladimir Putin is the Anti-Christ!!

Author — SHEEPY 14842


@14842 zionism, is the antichrist, which can be extended to elitism have you read the bible or inflicted it with your opinion, o and roniee ragon never forget ronne ragon that last bit after, o was cosmic relief

Author — OrphanPaper


Too much of lie from goverment.

Author — Владимир Свешников


When in Putin going to renovate his countries public housing?

Author — joe biden


The Russian dictator wins.... big surprise.

With all the money he has stolen why has he had such a terrible face lift?

Author — jack schit


Elections has many many falsifications. Many party and organisations say this, Golos, for example. Many observers say (read Twitter), that Yabloko has 1-2-3 place on they area, but CEC give it only 2.93% (when 79.38% of votes are accounted). How that can be? I dont see any results from my area, but I and one more person vote for Yabloko. I wanna see results from УИК №188.

And yes, all of this - my personal opinion about 2011 elections.

Author — Vilgelmster