Jimmy Carr KILLS IT With His Brexit Joke!! | Best Insults Pt. 6 | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown

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Jimmy Carr KILLS IT With His Brexit Joke!! | Best Insults Pt. 6 | 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown 4.5

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I love how he’s so cutting with his jokes, but he’s also so genuinely happy for Jon when he announces his wife’s pregnancy

Author — Su Jol


Somewhere in Henning’s family tree, there’s a hammerhead shark.

Author — Discoloured Buttflaps


I like how uncomfortable everyone was with laughing at that Anne Frank joke.

Author — MrJade12


Idea: reverse it and have Jon as the host and Jimmy as a contestant for one episode

Author — I Call Shotgun


Carr's joke was scripted. Henning's was off-the-cuff and supremely wittier - taking an insult, reversing it and getting a bigger laugh. That's comedic art mate!

Author — Anthony Leigh Dunstan


The best thing a Frenchman like me ever did : learning english and having access to the best humour in the world. Between this, Who's Line Is It anyway, nevermind the buzzcocks, Blackadder, Fawlty Tower, years of laughter. Thank you British humour.

Author — Jean-Marc Fueri


The joke about Susie's secret at the very end is the best.

Author — realndn2


if you just want the brexit joke, skip to @9:22

Author — videomasters2468


How does susie look young and old at the same time?

Author — Jordann t


When the best joke in a compilation is referring to Anne Frank, but you can't use THAT as a clickbait title and have to go with brexit...

Author — Miskatonic


"do you get money from Guess Who?"

Author — GroovingPict


"have you got a problem with... paying for... stuff on your body"
never has jimmys mouth been AS closed as in that moment xD

Author — mary canary


A compilation of all the times Rachel and Susie get Jimmy back would be good.

Author — Fergus Cullen


Should be retitled "Henning Wehn kills it with his Brexit Joke"

Author — Angelsilhouette


"it'll be good to have a hostage when the war starts"

Author — Obelisk


Who could do Jimmy's job? A seagull with teeth I'd imagine.

Author — Shane Natton


I'm pretty sure your baby will come out clean...and in a Cardigan...somehow.

Author — Harry Chilcott


I love that bit with Henning, he's such a good sport

Author — Johny40Se7en


When Sam Simmons says he's 38 years old I almost fall out of my chair. I would have guessed more like 52.

Author — Stephen Jenkins


Seans reaction as soon as Henning made that joke was just brilliant. A mix of "too far?" "Can he say that?" and straight up "You genius!". :D

Author — Burn Bobquist