Simona Halep vs Serena Williams | Wimbledon 2019 Final (Full Match)

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Simona Halep vs Serena Williams | Wimbledon 2019 Final (Full Match) 4.5

Relive the 2019 ladies' singles final in full...

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0:46 Start of match
26:41 - End of first set
28:50 - Start of second set
57:01 - Championship point

Author — Wimbledon


Halep was like I don’t have time for this lets do this quick 😂👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Around The World


I have lost count of how many times I've replayed this match, I just keep coming back. Amazing what Simona did

Author — Saúl 4th


Halep gave one of the greatest performances in tennis history in this match. A true masterpiece.

Author — Daniel Victor


unenforced error:
Serena: 24
Halep: 3 seems Serena came to a practice net, while Halep came to a Wimbledon final match.

Author — Pen Muni


One single word about Simona’s performance: PERFECTION! 👏👏👏

Author — Diana S.


oh my GOD what a delight that was to watch! Bravo Simona ! she was a cat out there! fast and smart played shots, but, what the hell happened to Serena? Halep made her look like an amateur out there. Will be a sad day for Tennis when she retires.

Author — manic panic


The commentators lost to Halep worse than Serena did.

They should all retire together.

Author — Broadica


Simona Halep oozes talent. Her movement, athleticism and skill are a joy to behold.

Author — Mr Polite


Halep could win an Olympic gold medal in literally any running event. I'm a Serena fan but gotta take my hat off for Simona. Well done, wishing both ladies success in the future.

Author — Jacob


Simona really took advantage of Serena. I watched this match live on tv and I couldn’t go to sleep that night. One of the best performances in a final, any slam final. Halep was impeccable. Serena did not play her best, but we have to give so much credit to Halep! First Wimbledon final and she handled herself so well. Against 7 time champion and 11 time finalist, and without a doubt, top 3 most inspirational and successful female tennis player in history! CONGRATULATIONS SIMONA!!!

Author — I Purple You!!!


"she knew it didn't she.. coming out for that second set Serena is coming right at her!! " LOL...what a STUPID about, "Simona was coming RIGHT AT HER!!"...and by the way, Simona DOMINATED HER.... LOL Sorry but that Brit woman made more stupid comments than I have heard in a long time....

Author — mannonmission1


Man this crowd was so much better than the US Open crowd....

Author — D R


Who's still watching this amazing performance while in quarantine??❤

Author — Marius-Gabriel


Partea mea preferata, este cand se bucura ea la final. Mi-a fost foarte draga si a meritat pe deplin sa tina tigaia aia englezeasca in mana cateva ore si sa intre in club

Author — Young Shatterhand


I've watched this match several times. It takes less than baking some cakes, LOL. Simona has just played an almost perfect match.

Author — libertango


These commentators are terrible. They don’t do justice to Simone’s performance- need eurosport or bbc commentators

Author — Oz A


Haley had an incredible point where she got the ball back when she was she on the other side of the planet!!!!
Her court coverage was supernatural man!

Author — Leonardo Braynen


Brilliant tennis by Halep.
Williams looked flat-footed and cumbersome by comparison.

Author — Pdjohnners


ONE YEAR IN: Simo, repeat this performance and Disciples

Author — Nerd Village