Man Risked His Live To Save A Child-TVJ Prime Time News-September 11 2017

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Man Risked His Live To Save A Child-TVJ Prime Time News-September 11 2017 4.5
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Where are the millions of comments. For a long time this is the best news coming out of Jamaica and people got little to say. Well, let me be the first to say thanks to this young man for saving the child. And blessings to the other gentleman who rescued them both. This goes to show that as a community working together we can do great things.

Автор — Jenni rren Unedited


congrats god hero, settled in your new job, then start going church, take that little man u save also, , from there god will lead & u both follow, , u both are here for a purpose, , amen

Автор — Tricia Whitfield


God bless the guy who jumped in to rescue Tremayne and the child, also the people who uploaded it onto social media, which made this possible for this young man to be recognised for is heroic efforts. Blessings to all 🙏🙏🙏

Автор — Barbie Timmermans


...therefore it's really a tale of 2 HEROES 👏👏

Автор — Love-is-the-answer Yes.


a this god sen him back a Jamaica fi come do save a life.

Автор — neu voicz vevo


Nuff blessing to all that helped to save this kid.

Автор — CJ Matalon


Thanks to the holy spirit of God who showed you the way to deliver in Jesus name we pray amen you will forever bless in the eyes of God amen

Автор — Timothy Black


Thanks tremayne for rescuing that little boy god will bless you.

Автор — Oneil Christie


jah kw yout nuff love jah b with u always

Автор — St Kingston_28a


Praise God for his continued mercies on the Jamaican people!

Автор — Nicola Marsh


God still work miracles. .can't swim..they were carried by angels no doubt God makes impossible POSSIBLE

Автор — Grace Abel


Glad no one lose there lives now this is good news 👐👐👐



can you let me know the new for suicide bombers in England yesterday

Автор — Stephlin Pryce


He is a genuine hero. May blessing rain down on you.

Автор — Mary&Maya Vlogs


People fi send the man some things reward him



Job well done, I did not know jamacians spoke 2 languages I understood the news reporter and 1 of the men but the other one I could not understand him.

Автор — Andre Mieux


People in the comment section. Let Tremayne Brown's life and his heroic act be a lesson to all of you. DO NOT let ur past define you! You can rise about all of it with God's help and guidance.

Автор — Torpedo Of Truth


You are hero brave person on earth good man

Автор — David Passley


One and only reason to watch the ever-so-boring NHDAC October 16. Looking forward to hear Fae Ellington call out the names of Tremaine, Alphonso & the other men(?)

Автор — Guy Phaux


No praise too high for Messrs. Tremayne Brown and Alphanso Coombs in this tremendous show of the TRUE Jamaican spirit as passed from the generations that came before. Certainly the efforts of these two young men ought certainly be able to help Jamaicans’ adjust their outlook specifically related to brotherly love.

Credits to: Only1 Empo (You Tube platform) and TVJ for highlighting this occurrence. Excellent reporting all around.
All the best.

Автор — Oral V. Stephenson