6 times John Bercow left the House in stitches

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6 times John Bercow left the House in stitches 5

AS Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow is supposed to be politically neutral.

But the MP for Buckingham has been accused of taking sides over Brexit and is believed by some to be opposed to the UK leaving the European Union...

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He protec
He attac
But most importantly
He keepz parlimentry dizcushon on tracc.

Author — Rocknroll


He worked at McDonalds as a teenager::

"Hello can I take your

Author — Seek1878


He has an impeccable command of the English language. Words flow out of him like water from a spout. 😆😆😆

Author — Jules Abovitt


UK Parliament should be called "John Bercow's Show" or "John Bercow and Friends"

Author — Bagus Hutomo


"There's no need for the honourable member for Dewsbury to chunter "Ahoy there!" from a sedentary position"


Author — 20,000 Subscribers Without Any Subscribers


I watched this from a sedentary position.

Author — Cardio King


His face/smile when he looks at that baby is all I need in order to stay alive.

Author — Lilian Morgenstern


I'm fast becoming a Bercow fan. Ordarr

Author — Jay Jones


Bercow makes watching Parliament interesting. Love the guy.

Author — Mus1c1luv


He will be a true loss to our government and the UK as a whole. He is not only a great orator, unlike some politicians he also has some morals and he cares about the UK. He'll be sadly missed.

Author — Stephen Reeve


As a neutral observer in California, I give this very eccentric video a "ahoy there" from a very comfortable sedentary position.

Author — madhavyu


Bercow: This kiss a ginger activity is probably perfectly lawful but I've got no plans to partake of it myself.
MP: Shame! Resign!

That's funny.

Author — ShiroiKage009


I'm surprised the Sun isn't starting a hate campaign against Bercow after his Brexit reactions

Author — Malivoo


Can we all just take a moment to appreciate all the wonderfully fun ties this man wears? 😆😎

Author — Imaginating Life


When the baby has more decorum than parliament 😂

Author — Writer girl 2006


The parliament is like a college where the students have no teacher and Bercow is the class representantative.

Author — JonatasMonte


you can say whatever about Mr. Bercow, but you've to admit he keep those children in that class in ORDAAAAHHHH

Author — Gustav Øspina


Wanna see and hear something cool? Playback 3:11 at 0.25x speed and thank me later.

Author — Otsutuski Kaguya


I’m American and see this way of politics very different than how it’s carried out here. However this is arguably less formal than American politics, it’s impossible to be mad at it; consequently I cannot stop watching these damn videos😂

Author — Andrew Niemeyer


I will miss him greatly when he eventually steps down.

Author — hopelessboi