The best songs of maher zain

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The best songs of maher zain 4.5

The best songs of maher zain,selected songs from his album including"forgive me,for the rest of my life,open your eyes and more......

One of the other favourite songs is:

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Am not a Muslim and unfortunately can't speak not understand Arabic but am so inspired by Maher zain's songs, there are so emotional and inspirational long life my big bro

Author — Kabugo Samuel


I'm learning about Muslim culture, and the music is amazing. I love the tune, the fast pace to this music, and
I think that the people of the Muslim culture are respectable.

Author — Aimee Seek


I'm so touch and melting my heart always when i heard the songs of maher zaen... i'm converted in islam since 2010 in riyadh saudi arabia... no one force me to enter the world of islam.... i decide to became ilmuslimah.. while im in deep sleeping... he call me to salah... but i didn't know how to make salah.... alhamdullilah i made it.... now still being a muslimah....
From: philippines....

Author — Mariane Dalde


Siapa yg mencintai💖 allah dan rasulluah💖 tolong klik yg banyak ya

Author — Ari Saputra



0:01 - 3:47 For The Rest Of My Life
3:53 - 8:10 Barakallahu Lakuma
8:12 - 12:19 Assalamu'alaika
12:21 - 16:13 Alhubbu Yasood
16:18 - 20:11 Masya Allah
20:17 - 25:19 So Soon
25:28 - 30:17 Ya Nabi Salam Alayka
30:22 - 34:05 The Choosen One
34:10 - 39:26 Thank You Allah
39:27 - 43:33 Radhitu Billahi Rabba
43:39 - 47:58 Open Your Eyes
47:59 - 52:11 Number One For Me
52:14 - 56:46 Muhammad
56:51 - 1:01:37 Maylawa (Arabic)
1:01:39 - 1:06:02 Insya Allah (Arabic)
1:06:03 - 1:10:30 I Love You So
1:10:37 - 1:14:51 I Believe ft. Irfan Makki
1:14:54 - 1:18:52 Hold My Hand
1:18:54 - 1:23:49 Guide Me All The Way
1:23:53 - 1:27:28 Freedom
1:27:30 - 1:31:21 Forgive Me
1:31:25 - 1:35:26 Paradise
1:35:27 - 1:39:03 This Wordly Life

Author — nur muslihah


Thank you, ,, the best song of Maher Zain very like♥️
who is Listening 2019 ?

Author — Eka Lia


Who's here listenning while on pandemic quarantine?

Author — Jb Abangad


Siapa yg masih dengar di 2019 like sikit

Author — Nick bastian


yg dengerin di desember mana like nya😁👍

Author — black scorpioN


The best song of maher zain no 1 di hati ku

Author — Wulan Dari


Subhanallah lagu ini bikin hati menjadi tenang, i love allah

Author — Siska Permana


Kaganda pakinggan😍Lalo na ngayong Ramadhan💚 Ramadhan Mubarak everyone💚

Author — Imim Mazing


Allah SWT berfirman:

فَبِاَيِّ اٰلَآ ءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبٰنِ
fa bi`ayyi aalaaa`i robbikumaa tukazzibaan

"Maka nikmat Tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?"
(QS. Ar-Rahman 55: Ayat 28)

Author — Feizal Maulana


Perfect songs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Selam from Albania

Author — Ardit Hoxha


Subhanallahh, , bikin tenang hati, , 😘😭

Author — Maratus Sholihah


J'aime trop cette chanson. Elle apaise le coeur.

Author — Khady Coul


saya suka semua lagunya hm🥺
siapa suka cuba like sikit😂

Author — ummu syafinas


love yr songs from hongkong😍😍😍
still listen yr song even working😘😘😘

Author — Dwi Pramestie


Maher Zain song is the most of Allah is gowin to open the level of the Allah slam ❤️❤️❤️

Author — Amaan Ebrahim


2020 still listening to his songs, i just love the rhyme of his voice and his song's is verg islamic. I love it, it makes me feel so peaceful.

Author — amron macalaba