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Black Sheep - WW2 Feature Film 4.5
Set during the dark days of the Second World War, “Black Sheep” chronicles a Waffen-SS troop detachment on anti-partisan duties in occupied Yugoslavia.
Taken from the German and Polish perspectives, this film gives insights into German sentiments felt and experienced during the war and follows how those sentiments manifested themselves when faced with something other than utter compliance from the populace [polish resistance fighters].
Witnessed in tandem alongside German operations and activities, the Partisan perspective allows a “full-circle” view of how the non-uniformed combatants dealt with a foreign entity that was completely deaf to reason or practicality outside of military value. Connoting strong anti-war sentiments in this way, a unique dichotomy is established between these two institutions and their dealings ultimately end up in the loss of the just individuals involved. This film does a service to the struggles and losses experienced by those who were swept up by the tide of war and strife at the behest of the Nazi regime and ultimately serves to showcase the futility in the act that men call “war”. Enjoy!

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Didn't the SS have stringent requirements? The older brother clearly didn't fit the SS mindset. Wouldn't the SS have dealt him to an ordinary army unit?

The ambush of the supply truck wasn't believable.

Author — Curtis Lowe


SCHWARZES Schaf, ohne "T". Der Teufel steckt im Detail (The devil is in the details)

Author — teerex51


Constant camera movement makes me motion sick.

Author — Russell P


Also das deutsch ist an manchen Stellen echt kein richtiges deutsch mehr :D

Author — GermanTres


Don't let all the critics get to you. I think, for not being a big budget film, you did a fine job with this story. Keep honing your craft and you'll keep getting better at it too. I'd watch another if you make it.

Author — liljgoneman


First comment, --this is a heart wrenching film. Congratulations! Your work is excellent at portraying the reality of someone being ordered to annihilate a fellow human being in a remote location for some distant cause, truly, a very stark depiction of combat.

I have watched a number of these quasi-amateur productions, and the production values are professional and very, very, engaging in their presentation. As I said above, this is a heart-wrenching film and kudos to the actors and production staff!

From a film making perspective, the first-person 'shaky-cam' style in your production was well-done but can be over used and tends to disorient the audience quickly. While used to good effect in this film --by conveying the confusion and immediacy of an intense situation. But afterwards, the viewer needs to have his perspective rapidly reoriented to the Director's thrust of the plot or a nauseous interlude occurs.

In other words, don't bring the audience so close to the action for too long, but keep them just close enough to stay engaged. Here is where the trick of presentation is the key. Move from the 'tactical' to the 'strategic' viewpoint of the battle. This will allow the audience a moment to reflect on the personalities and motivations of the actors involved in the scene, and let them consider how they would react at that point in the story.

Author — cyan aura


Great content; almost as if the older son paid his foolish father back by rising above the horror of WWII Germany thinking. "Honor the Fatherland" was such brainwashing but the truly educated German could see right through this.

Author — Jeff Connecticut


Yes, I´ll be watching this soon when I´ve got some more time! Can´t wait!

Author — Therockbrothersmc


Thanks for posting. I think you did a great job building emotion. The music is Congrats from Texas.

Author — Ralph Yznaga


This film has some mistake, but honestly, it doesn't matter. It's a great film and does what it sets out to do, keep up the good work.

Author — FallingUmbrellaHunter


Yo forget what anyone else says man, do your thing. I'm a Ww2 fan and both my grandparents fought in the red army. Very well done movie.

Author — 23thedoom



Author — weeg91


At 4:20 the guy in the dot 44 camo salutes with his left hand. Why? I realize he is holding the sling with his right, but still. Every soldier knows to salute with your right hand.

Author — vermont Vermont


I wonder why the messenger at the beginning salutes with his left hand.

Author — Coldwater Hunter


Who's shaking that damn camera? That's unbearable....

Author — Mehmet Pojon


What is up with that one SS guy always saluting with his left arm? And some of the helmets being regular Wehrmacht instead of SS? The description says it is an SS unit fighting Yugoslavian partisans, but above says "non compliance from populace (Polish resistance fighters)". Which is it? Other than that it was pretty good...I just could not get over the left handed salute from that

Author — K Lo


looks like a bunch of guy playing army

Author — rokguitarstar


This polish accents sound very weird... But i enjoyed the rest of the movie Great work :)

Author — Stunxdd


Not native German speakers, lots of language mistakes and strange accent.

Author — Christian Alonso


Watching this in 2019, first 10 seconds had me sold! Brilliant Job

Author — Fearghal Hosty-Blaney