14 Days on a CARGO SHIP During the Pandemic

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14 Days on a CARGO SHIP During the Pandemic 5

I’ve always loved the idea of travelling by cargo ship, but never expected that I would be taking one as an evacuation measure during a pandemic. I wasn’t allowed to film on most parts of the ship, but I did my best to show you as much of the journey as possible! Anyone out there inspired to jump on a cargo ship after COVID-19? :)


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Thanks so much for watching, everyone ❤️ Hope you're all safe!

Author — Eva zu Beck


Wild story. Thanks for sharing. You have a great voiceover voice!

Author — Best Ever Food Review Show


That was a beautifully done video, full of personality and enthusiasm. It was a joy to watch. I can see why it's been viewed over a million times, and why YouTube recommended it to me today. Well done, Eva.

Author — Jim Zim


wow, amazing quality content - thanks for showing how it looks like.

Author — ciekawehistorie


The type of group that get killed in a horror movie

Author — Talal Dhaknani


I've been on a ship since February and am still here.

Author — Shaylin Naidoo


Hey....I had a similar just spent 19 months in Antarctica we sailed all the way to the Falklands then onwards to the 5 or so weeks at sea..x

Author — Mathew Washington


going through hard times means better time on the way
so u got it .. happy for u and ur friends too, , god bless u all and the peoples who helped u, , ,

Author — Lahiru Perera


When Covid-19 is over, I would love to visit that island! It looks like bliss ❤️ Glad you survived the boat trip & reached UAE safely.

Author — Nomad314


Holy moly what a fascinating, scary and life changing journey that was, these are the stories BBC should be reporting on instead of toilet paper fights, this is eye opening and fascinating!!

Author — Freedom Strider


You always welcome to Socotra and all Yemen

Author — Bin Rashed


Yemen People are most lovely.
Love and Blessings and healing to Yemen, Ameen.

Author — Flower Power


if i was in that cargo ship i would've cried ( out of boredom ) for 70% of the time, i'm addicted to the internet.

Author — Luminosity.


I am calling you EVE i hope you don't mind.It's kind of a gesture of love and affection from me to my lovely sister.😍😘❤

Author — S N


She is such a beautiful and kind girl, I wish to find an adventurous girl like her to travel with

Author — claudio lo greco


Really we should appreciate her, what an incredible girl she is.

Author — Nadeem Ahmed


I love the way u always smile. Thankyou!💖💖💖😭☺️

Author — Syfa Nur Amalia


How good is the internet during a pandemic though, even though it feels as if the world is closed.. the internet still connects all of us

Author — Michael Jones


We were suppose to explore that shipwreck together at 3:47!
It'll be the one that got away. What a wild adventure this was for us all watching these vlogs, and what a beautiful ending ❤️

Author — Fearless & Far


4:43 thats really beautiful stars saying farewell and good bye to you..and hoping you to come again to Socotra

Author — Candy Panda