Made out to look beautiful and sent out to die - BBC News

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Made out to look beautiful and sent out to die - BBC News 5
In 2017, 133 children were used in 'suicide' attacks in north-east Nigeria. Two-thirds of them were girls. Fourteen-year-old Falmata is one of hundreds of children and young women who have been forced to become 'suicide' bombers for the militant group Boko Haram in recent years. This is the story of how she was abducted and how she escaped. Not just once, but twice.

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So sad how the most innocent beings, children are made to sinners. There just aren’t words to describe the evil and horror. It’s inexplicable. The thing too is that these “radicals” think they are not radical, they in-fact think that they are “normal” and their views are the proper aligned ones.

Автор — Daddy Tachanka


I am a muslim and nigerian and pray to god to stop this

Автор — sanaa babaduna


I am Christian, but I fully understand that Islam is peaceful and that, like any religion, has a set of rules, these rules are followed through interpretation. Interpretation is the religion of terror, not Islam, not Christianity, not Judaism, INTERPRETATION, because you act depending on how you follow the rules set out in the Bible or Koran, but the way you see it may not be what it means. I pray for peace between religion and for the end of groups such as Boko Haram

Автор — House Of Scare


This is REALLY what feminists should be fighting against.

EDIT: Radical feminists do tend to focus on issues that don't exist and I say this because the radicals have the loudest voice in most cases which tarnishes the image of the feminist movement but for a regular ol feminist this should be top priority and for I lot I assume it is. Thats all I was trying to say with this.

Автор — Peft


Just throw the whole planet away already

Автор — Gwendolin Jahns


boko haram is soooo wrong! they're not muslim!

Islam never told you hurt yourself and everybody around you (bomb) to get in paradise.... to get in paradise all you have to do is praying (sholat) and be nice to everyone

the girl is brave! I'm so proud of her, she's the real muslimah ❤

Автор — tweet by john


Well killing in Islam *is* lawful according to shari'a, *but* ... only when defending your own home, family or when in extreme danger. *Dying for your faith*, or *martyrdom*, is lawful as well... but again: only when in defense. If you die protecting your home or family from aggressive invaders *that's true martyrdom* . Some groups, however, twist these easily read rules and brainwash thousands... ''Non-believers *are* the enemy! We *are* at war! They *will* kill all of us because they hate the faithful! The west is controlled by Iblis!''-type of stuff drilled into your brain combined with ''... and well... if you don't listen we'll rape and kill you'' can lead people to commit horrendous acts of violence.

Автор — Kind Old Raven


every year In our school we have foreign exchange students.last year a girl called Fadila came.she was so sweet and we instantly became friends. now left for Nigeria again.she did not wanted to leave, she wanted to learn how to defend herself.Now I don't know contact her. my whole class misses her so much.

Fadila if you are reading this just know we all miss you.

Автор — Sefaz Kabir


We need educate to peoples, education is the only way

Автор — ÑO OÑE


Boko haram are devils
I hope they all suffer on the day of judgement
May Allah help everyone who was hurt by these disgusting things

Автор — Army For Lifeu


It's funny, in my language (Farsi, Afghanistans most spoken language) Boko Haram means: do the bad

Автор — NiggerFaggot


it hurts a lot to see people take a peaceful religion and turn it into something violent and full of hate. It's like the Devil is creeping into the ears of those people and begin to twist facts into ideas of their writings to put more dirt onto any religion, making them more distasteful and give them a bad reputation for people to judge as a violent, selfish, and horrible religion only use for that person's selfish reasons.

Автор — Sweetly Salty


i keep laughing at the dense people who think this is islam lmao

Автор — TubingDoom


Boko Haram, whoever leads them, they are immoral and are not muslim.

Автор — Raja Saidatul Raja Lope


Can everyone stop disrespecting Islam in this comment section?
I'm just some 11 year old with no worth and I'm sitting here and crying, knowing that I won't sleep at night due to thousands and thousands of people who believe my family and I should be dead.

We just want some respect. That's all I can ask for...
We're not all terrorists. We don't all want to destroy the world.
True Muslims would never want to destroy Allah's creation. Allah wants peace in the world; therefore we should simply obey that.

It's been like this my whole life. People from school stay away from me and I decided not to wear a headscarf out of fear. Not all of us have done anything wrong.

We do normal things like any of you; we lead perfectly normal lives. We wake up, go shopping, go to work, go to school...

I know that most will refuse to listen to some upset Muslim child but I'm trying here. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm trying.

Автор — ᴍʏᴛʜɪᴄᴄ


Oh god. Do you remember what you were doing when you were 14? You were probably playing with your friends. Sleeping in on a lazy Saturday morning. Watching your favorite TV show. On that same day, these girls, the same age but millions of miles away, were making life or death situations -- and heading towards death. How horrific.

Автор — eri139


"Learning about the Koran doesn't mean you are learning about Islam" omg thank you for finally saying that, people think all there is to Islam is the Koran and it's really getting on my nerves, no it's not. Islam is a religion, yes. Koran is the book of Islam, yes. But reading the Koran doesn't make you fully understand Islam.

It's saddening to hear that some evil people take advantage of small children's low education and twist it, brainwashing them in the name of their religion.

Actually, you want to know something? In the Koran it is in fact stated, that if you kill one single soul its sin counts for as though you've murdered the entire humanity. I can't and don't want to understand how and why they concluded that they need to massacre people like that.

Автор — Shahad Alnasiri


Bismillah . Well in Qur'an clearly said 'suicide' is a SIN .whatever reasons behind it, it's a Sin.

Автор — mei puji


suicide and killing innocent people is haram and prohibited in Islam !! I wonder how they made it a way to heaven!! So funny and sad at the same time! the verses about killing in Qur'an are about specific old events that's already done! But ISIS somehow try to play with their meanings to serve their crazy crimes

Автор — Sumusl


Is "Koran" actually "Qur'an"?

Автор — Diana Day