Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism | Measles Virus Outbreak 2015 | Retro Report

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Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism | Measles Virus Outbreak 2015 | Retro Report 4.5
An outbreak of measles that started at Disneyland has turned a spotlight on those who choose not to vaccinate their children. How did we get to a point where personal beliefs can triumph over science?

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Vaccines: An Unhealthy Skepticism | Measles Virus Outbreak 2015 | Retro Report

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As someone with Autism, the fact that parents are so horrified at the thought of it that they'll risk life threatening illness to avoid it is frankly VERY offensive

Автор — Miss Library


let flat earthers believe the earth is flat, but anti-vaxxers are literally putting their children's health at danger.

Автор — Lunatic Lunala


Water, aka H2O, contains hydrogen. Hydrogen is highly flammable. Therefore, according to the logic of anti-vaxxers, Water can turn on fire easily.

Автор — Adam Blackler


Anti-vaxxers are one of the most dangerously stupid groups of people on our planet. Flat Earthers are just as stupid but at least believing the Earth is flat doesn't result in the preventable deaths of children.

Автор — Oliver Linehan


Kid: I wanna be a astronaut when i grow up!
Anti-Vaxx Mom: *Woah. Slow down there buckaroo!*

Автор — Elsie Jones


If autism is worse than polio, measles, *meningitis*, then you have your priorities severely screwed up.

Автор — Eternal Skies


these parents would rather have a child that is extremely ill than have an autistic child.

they would rather have a dead child than an autistic one.

and that is pretty ableist

Автор — girl group stan


Right, because autism is so much more dangerous than Polio or Measles.

Автор — StormCrown


"I didn't vaccinate my seven children, and though little Timmy mourns the loss of his six siblings to preventable diseases, he's turned out just fine and is not autistic.." Anti-vaxxer logic.

Автор — vhulheim


In Canada, if you’re not vaccinated you can’t go to public school

Автор — Vanilla


You are entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

Автор — Austin Boucher


Sadly, there is no vaccine for the greatest killer on earth: Human stupidity. -.-

Автор — Quagthistle


A story of Autism and Disease:

My brother was born before the Rubella vaccination was available. He got Meningitis, he stopped breathing, my parents rushed him to the hospital... he barely survived. Over the next 3 years, he had 4 normally fatal diseases, and his immune system is still weak.

My brother also has Autism. It’s been a struggle to grow up with him, and he’s spend his adult life with my parents, state-sponsored aides, and a mix of charity work and part-time employment at a local museum.

I love my brother. He’s vital and lively and kind, and the thought of what could’ve happened if my mom didn’t know CPR? If he had died before I was born? It’s horrible.

Autism isn’t the end of a life or a family, but these diseases CAN and WILL destroy a child’s health forever.

Автор — Ajehy


Tbh I would rather my child have autism and live a slightly complicated life than my child die a painful, scary, uncomfortable death from measles or whooping cough

Автор — Sally Smith


these people need to learn the difference between correlation and causation. but i guess thats a bit too hard.

Автор — Bri Angel


you know in poor countries mothers will walk up to 500 miles to get her children vaccinated also she/he will be carrying them the way there and back in total 1000 miles and and thats if there lucky some are up 900 to 700 there maybe even a 1000 on the way there people are becomeing blind to danger

Автор — 4 star diesel


What I find so interesting about antivaxxers, just like other rebellion groups (such as sjw’s), is that they all tend tend to back their claims with more emotions than data.

Автор — Ekaterina Williams


This fearmongering is unacceptable.
Autism is something you're born with, but don't necessarily need to have any issues with until a higher age. Until I was 13, I was considered "Normal", even after tests.
Vaccines can't cause this kind of possibly genetical change, that would require it to go to a much more detailed level of molecular change. They even say that one study was based on 12 people. So biased.

Автор — Fredrika Nord


For someone like me with a auto immune disease and a low immune system, we NEED people to be vaccinated!

Автор — TaylorAnd Graphite


My best friend has autism and is very offended that the u.s. treats autism like it's a monster. And that people would rather have polio which is deadly in some cases than a neurological disorder that has no relation to vaccines

Автор — alpha films