Robert Reich: Everything You Need to Know About the New Economy

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Robert Reich: Everything You Need to Know About the New Economy 5
Robert Reich explains how the modern economy really works and what we can do expand economic opportunity.

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Mr. Reich is one of the greatest speakers I know! The truth hurts!

Author — Goahead


All that money for the rich went to buying mansions and yachts. Wrong, it went to buying governments.

Author — Jim Mauch


Why in the hell don’t YOU, Robert Reich, run for POTUS? I’ve been waiting since the early 90’s for either you, or Colin Powell to run, because you’re both intelligent, well-meaning, and trustworthy people who could do great things. Especially if you ran together! But, like I’ve always heard, truly intelligent and decent people are too smart to WANT that job! You would have my vote, though, and I for one would work hard for your campaign. I am convinced you would win. USA needs Integrity back into our highest office.

Author — MrRictusGrin


whoever (dem or progressive) winds up the frontrunner would be brilliant to court Robert Reich as economic advisor.

Author — LadyJAtheist


Do not forget - the cost of a HOME went up 500% from 1999 to 2006 because of BANK inflating the cost to sell CDOs, thus making everyone broke.

Author — Matt M.


Getting rid of Citizens United is an excellent start

Author — Evil Fingers


On a different side note, I am genuinely impressed by Prof. Reich drawing skill

Author — NancyinRedHeels


It's interesting how many people on the right argue against social programs because it 'gives my money to poor people' or socialist ideals of means of production, while under the current system we use the exact same principles to distribute money to the wealthy, and giving taxpayer money to prop up some of the biggest companies in the country, that later go on to pay no Federal taxes.

Author — Brandon Miles


"Don't let the moneyed interests divide along racial and gender lines." (I'd also add cultural lines) Exactly Robert!

Author — Ken Plant


Speaking Truth to Power videotaped in a manner easy to see. Beautiful to anyone who has not already checked their minds at the door.

Author — B. Terence Harwick


I suspect that the "sources of countervailing power" were only allowed to exist in the 1940s because the rich and the powerful were afraid of the possibility of a communist revolution in the United States. It seems possible that capitalism will only work well for the majority when the controlling minority are living with a very real fear of losing everything if they make the majority too angry.

Author — Prog Nosis


I love that Whiteboard, brilliant, today's economy explained so everyone understands it immediately.

Author — 1p6t1gms


Thank you so much Mr. Robert, I appreciate them so much. You say it so even this ol woman can understand. If I were younger, I would run for something. Reality Winner was a whistleblower, she was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison.

Author — Joan Snow


Bravo! Robert Reich, and thank you. This is a powerful plan to fight the Corporatocracy and bring back Democracy.

Author — Stephen Gross


I've missed you so much! Thank you for making this video Robert. You're information has helped me explain us economics to my fellow (Union) road commission coworkers! Please keep making videos if nothing else to help me teach the history or unions and economics.

Author — Hollady Drones


Your channel is vastly underappreciated. Keep it up Robert, the country needs more like you.

Author — A Real Human


Another great informative video. Thanks to the whole team. Love the new graphics and animations.

Author — Shiroi Hana


Reich left out a key piece of the economy: energy-economics. Almost no economists cover this aspect, and yet it is absolutely vital for climate mitigation and improving the quality of life.

Author — Corey Barcus


Wait, you mean using the DJIA and other stock market indices as a stand-in for the economy as a whole particularly as it relates to the average American just obfuscates the reality of what people are experiencing?

You don't say....

Author — Michael Wade


Robert Reich, you've have always been right on the money! Fan of yours from way back!

Author — John Vincenti