What is Shopify?

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In this video I'm gonna answer the question for you what is Shopify and why do you keep hearing about it why do you keep hearing about all these people making a ton of money off I made you know five thousand dollars in one day on Shopify and all these different crazy things that you're hearing. So the answer to what is Shopify it's basically a website you can go to and you can build an e-commerce store you can build an online store and they'll also host it for you now if you're looking at potentially signing up for Shopify I do have a special offer at the end of this video with a link that you can get a free one-on-one consulting session with me but let's first go in depth a little bit more on what is Shopify why is it. So special are you gonna get rich quick are you gonna make a million dollars overnight the short answer is probably not I mean it's not a get-rich-quick scheme it's not anything that it's just a place for you to build an online store a place for you do you know build something where people can purchase things from you now just because you build it does not mean they will come a lot of people think that all I'm gonna build an online store and I'm gonna get you know I'm gonna make thousands and thousands of dollars no just because you have some website doesn't mean anybody cares you need to still get traffic to that website and that's actually 99% of the game. So if you're thinking about starting an online store yes Shopify is amazing I'm gonna show you some Shopify websites and we show you a little bit of what the backend looks like in just a second just give you a little bit more information but yeah if you're thinking about building a Shopify website do I think it's a good idea yeah if you want to be a little entrepreneurial yes absolutely do it but the way I think about it is. So Shopify is $30 a month at least their most their basic plans three hours a month think about it it's like paying a fee to go to the gym you're going to the entrepreneurial gym here you're learning.

If you pay up thirty dollars a month and you don't have any success well you're paying a fee you're paying a fee for being lazy but that money can actually make you a lot more money I've I just launched a new Shopify store for one of my new companies here and I made in the first like few like the first week or two I made five thousand dollars you know easily and that's not always gonna be the case I did a lot of work leading up to launching the Shopify site but that being said Shopify allows you to sell things online that's the most simple form let's take a look at what a Shopify store is and what the backend looks like. So you have a better idea of exactly what Shopify is this is the performance and up on our website and I actually built this website and pretty much got everything started in just four minutes you can click the link up here to see it doesn't take long with Shopify to build it and that's why Shopify has become. So popular it's very intuitive very easy to understand. So let's just poke around here. So this is the home page a little banner if we open that up I'll show you what that looks like in a second all this very quickly I did this all very quickly obviously writing the copy takes a little bit of time and then the product page and I have all these different images and just basically repeated the same thing I have on the homepage and then there's some other stuff at the bottom you'll see another affiliate program contact best returns all very basic stuff very easy to set ups this is what the the front end looks like this is what the customers see the back end how you actually set it up is here and once again in that link where I show how I built the website I go into much more detail on this. So today I've only had 27 dollars in sales and only 13 visitors but I'm recording this pretty early in the morning. So that's part of the reasons for that but we poke around here and I can I can go here up to the products for instance and look at some of the different products now I only have one product.
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Hi Travis. I can't stop watching your incredibly helpful videos after finding and subscribing to your channel recently. Question: I want to relaunch and monetize a Wordpress site/blog and sell paid advertising and branded merchandise (shirts, mugs, bucket hats, and stuff from local merchants in our area.) Since the main purpose of the website is blog/news and it is on Wordpress already (I am going to change hosting providers based on your recommendations), I was wondering if you still think Shopify (versus WooCommerce) might be the best way to go (which is what I gather from your videos)? I assume shopify would just be a separate shop rather than be integrated within the Wordpress site if I go with WooCommerce? I don't expect to sell too much volume (maybe 20-30 transactions per month?

Thanks for all the great content!


Author — Nollic Eothed


Hi Travis, Awesome job creating the video so short. Could you lemme know the drop shipping companies or any freight forwarders from different countries to yours ?

Author — Mudassir Shahzad


Hi Travis! I'm a 2nd time entrepreneur, 1st time internet entrepreneur. Searched for help with Shopify and your video came up!! Do you still monitor these comments? Loved your concise presentation of information.

Author — Annabelle Morrison


Hi Travis. Great video man. I heard that Shopify is only for selling physical products. Did I misunderstand that? Because I'm really thinking about selling information products or being an affiliate for other products.

Author — Santi Martinez


Thank you for your video!
I have not done an e-commerce store before. I am setting out to learn along with my homeschool children, how to set up an online business.
My wife and I feel it’s important for them to learn they can follow genius and create. In this case, create jobs.
I plan to watch your videos of how to make this all happen.
Thank you for this resource!
Also, does Shopify work with a product being videos instead of a tangible product? Basically a subscription video based service?
Thank you!!!

Author — David Orcutt


Hey Travis, This is a my first video of yours and it a very good video, I like it’s integrity and preciseness.
Looking forward to see your other videos.

Author — Raj Kumar


hey Travis, I know it's been two years since this video, but any chance you still offer the Online Store Success Pack for free? the button in the link is not working.
Or is this pack spread across some of your playlists?
thanks anyway, great stuff on you channel

Author — Gabriel Paiva


Hey Travis! Is there a minimum and/or maximum order quantity that you would recommend purchasing for someone launching a first time Shopify website?

Author — Rebekah Guindon


Very interesting. I am in Southern Africa and with this Covid-19 going around, we are experiencing a revolution in how things work around here especially on the eCommerce side. I would really love to learn more about Shopify so I may turn my business online.

Author — twizzyZim


Thank you for the information. How is this platform for handmade “art” compared to others like Etsy? I’m also curious if it will handle selling tutorial type videos as well.

Author — Alysia Van Camp


Hey man Question. If I set up an eCommerce site hosted by shopify, am I responsible for fulfilling orders? like do i receive orders and then have to package and send them out on my end? Or is there like a drop shipping service built into shopify?

Author — Daniel Tillotson


oh cool!! I love performance nut butter! It's soooo delicious! Learning more about Shopify...thank you for the tutorial!

Author — Strength and Grace Movement


Thanks for the information. How wide is Shopify is it only in us, or around the world?

Author — Clive and Caiden


Hey quick question please sir
When spending money on profitable ads for a eCommerce store how long must I wait to be able to access the money i've spent on ads/my profits from my store, so that I can keep recycling the money i'm spending on ads. Obviously you don't need $30k capital if you wanna do $1k/day in ad spend, you probably need around $10k to be safe, you simply re use your profit money to keep supporting the ads...the question is when can I access the profits from my store sales though, so I can keep supporting the daily ad spend. I am trying to work out a conservative ratio for how much capital I need to support ads. Based off my little knowledge I think $10k capital for $1k/day is conservative? I think it is 3 days max until you can re use the profit money so it could be as low as $3k capital needed to run $1k/day in profitable ads via recycling the profits back into the ads asap.
Hopefully this makes sense I tried to make it clear. Really looking forward to the feedback, thank you sir

Author — Devon R


Great video. i just wanted to ask you if you knew what kind of product is sold at a consistent rate and is decently cheap to manufacture? thanks loved your video

Author — Abi


Great video. I was gonna open the Shopify thing anyway, now I'm getting a free consultation :)

Author — n8slittleworld


Hey mate, very nice and clear video. How do I find a product? I mean do i need to find a dealer first or can i get the product online? It would be nice to hear from you..



Great video. Thanks for your explanations. I subscribed to your channel.

Author — Milciades Andrion


Hey Travis! What is your recomendation on Shopify vs others ecommerce host?

Author — Pedro Guarda


Amazing video travis but i have a question, is shopify only for selling products? cant i design for example projects and sell it like envato?

Author — lara alj