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I'v always dream't about one day being able to buy a whole lot of fingerboard ramps and today... I made that dream come true hahah! I pretty much went onto an online fingerboard store and bought every blackriver ramp that wasn't already sold out and it ended up costing a bit over $1000!
Hope you enjoyed this video! Let me know if you would be keen for a giveaway of some of these ramps because I can't keep them all hahah!
Come back tomorrow for the next video in FINGERBOARD WEEK BABY!!!

Song: FLR PWR by Permateens

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David is putting so much effort in this week! He deserves much more attention

Author — Very Tiny Monkey


If anyone was actually fingerboarding back when Two finger Tuesday’s were coming out you guys are real ones. I haven’t actually fingerboarded since those days but it would be dope to finally have a wider deck because I always used to feel Berlin woods were too thin it’s funny that’s where the market went. Dope vid bro

Author — camden graves


Ive been going through a heavy depression and your up beat, joyful vids have helped. As well as getting into fingerboarding more :)

Author — Skate Girl


I’m literally in love with your videos! Keep making vids, never stop, you’re an absolute legend!!!

Author — Luke T


Some diy clay fingerboard obstacles would go great with all those obstacles!!😁

Author — Robotop 61


David: most expensive fingerboard unboxing

Also David: 1, 000 dollar fingerboard unboxing

Also David: LEGO sheets are expensive

Author — NotOllie


Just got to where I can land a kickflip every few tries thank you so much for the confidence bro I have kept going since the beginning of 2019 and I finally made it. Now time to master it.

Author — Zombifyer ILC


I’m still waiting for David to post the full black river down movie.

Author — saigan


thank you david for the consistent uploads i love the fb content

Author — perdiper



David: i dont know what im gonna do with all of these ramps

Me: maby like skate them

Author — Bnjamin Yes


Looks fun! Giveaway would be amazing 🙌🏼

Author — Darryl Tait


Back to back to back to BACK fingerboard videos, everyday is great 👍

Author — Adrian Perez


when the doorbell rang my dog started going crazy lol

Author — 🍁Folio Tiger🍁


My dude you should give the extra ramps to your friends. They helped in the video + you can still use the ramps occasionally.

Author — Henry Davis


Literally just bought that spine before this video posted. Also picked up a rail and Box 3. Looking forward to learning some tricks!

Author — Dusk


This guy’s hilarious he is super underrated and deserves more

Author — Cameron Stengel


kudos david for rolling with the punches after japan and still managing to make a go at youtube. i honestly thought without snowboarding you were going to fade out. i personally don't care for anything fingerboarding but you have managed to generate a real audience. i think an even bigger audience then your snowboarding lol and that's some impressive proof of your genuine character. cheers mate. maybe throw the original snowboard fans a bone everyonce in a while and go for a funny nz trek or try and shred something real chill lol even though it isn't as popular

Author — landon breen


Extra thick fingerboard week: Now....this is awesome

Author — PCG_Thunder 9279


I’m So Happy there is a part 2 to FINGERBOARD WEEK! Part 5

Author — Mini Werpsy


David thanks for making me laugh today cuz my stomach hurts real bad and i needed to laugh

Author — Eagleta 404