New video shows chaos amid deadly school shooting

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New video shows chaos amid deadly school shooting 4.5
The North Carolina school shooting that left a 16-year-old dead "began with bullying that escalated out of control," said the school's superintendent.

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Happy and caring, and liked to bullied others? Makes no sense

Author — Master King Lee


I ain't saying he should have been killed but you should never bully someone period

Author — Fo20boi 954


Anybody hear that guy who said

Author — Pe6chy


Moral of the story

Don't be a bully

Author — LuLu 15


This is why I am the person who doesn’t do anything at school but get good grades.

Author — Iil


Some random kid: God i hate being bullied at school.

Google: Do you want to buy an AK47

Author — xd vize


1:56 i thought it felt "safeter" you know

Author — Savy


Sad but kids need to realize real life ain’t the internet you have can’t bully people and get away with it all the time. Sad

Author — Benjamin Hensley


Not was I only bullied in school I was also molested. You just never know what people go through before they snap.

Author — abdi yusuf


Parents should know if there kids r being bully or are the bully

Author — Melanin Bunnii


Whoever bullied this person....

Should've saw this coming

Author — Voidy Boi


Yeah, this is what happens when you're told not to fight back and the teacher's don't do a damn thing. You gotta look at both sides. I'm sorry a kid is dead, but the other boy's life is ruined as well.

Author — Lacey Humphrey


You never know someone else's breaking point or how bad it can be....

Author — Jennifer Herrick


Hey, they also used bulldogs for their school. Thats a coincidence

Author — Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenywevwe Ugwemubwem Ossas


More discipline at schools, bullies run rampant and no one does anything about it

Author — Zzul Ma


schools need to figure out how to deal with bullying. if it had been going on for a few days why weren't any adults involved?

Author — s0fa


When your bullied, you eventually snap ! Shame this young man has to spend time behind bars
Bc he couldn't deal with it anymore !

Author — Maple Cookies


Who was getting bullied ? The dude with the gun? Bc if so we just acting like he didn’t bully him 😂

Author — Dustin Long


They just didnt see the video
"Everyone we have an announcement to make"

Author — Peni Parker


Wonder who’s gonna be the first school shooter or school shootee of 2019

Author — GreenFromNamek