30+ Dangerous Big Ship Launch Gone Bad ! , CLOSE CALLS and Huge WAVES

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30+ Dangerous Big Ship Launch Gone Bad ! , CLOSE CALLS and Huge WAVES 4

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Bro, why do you say gone bad. When none of them went bad, clickbait

Author — FishingHub


Gone wrong?? The title is wrong!! Bad publicity this channel sucks..

Author — Joshua Scoggins


the only thing gone bad is me subscribing, it never happened

Author — Ziggy The Adventurer


Lol it seemed like all of these went how they wanted them to go...

Author — H.B Huddleston


0:40 this is my city ahahaha castellamare di stabia (NA)

Author — antonello Somma


Every ship that goes in sideways, makes me think about all the plates in the galley getting dumped out of the cabinets

Author — johnny rocket


Even in youtube they lie just to get u to watch😁😁😁

Author — John Ortiz


Nobody :

Random guy :

Author — ABC xyz


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εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ

Author — Kanishka Malik


You do know that this kind of operations can’t be accomplished with out at list a little water splash?? In witch case did the launch go wrong in this video??

Author — Johnny 231


Even though they didn't go bad, still AMAZING to see these giant machines take their first baths 🙂

Author — mauigio


We wanted to see something going bad. We are disappointed.

Author — Dionisio Dussart


All of these are normal launches, where's the bad?

Author — Donald Sukhnanan


These went fine. No crashes and nothing gone wrong

Author — arc trooper blitz


3:03 when the dj drops a boat instead of a banger

Author — Shaun Day


They should get away from any slings that may snap.

Author — Darren Androu Campang


Tem um lançamento de navio da empresa em que eu trabalho no Brasil SC

Author — José Valdecir da silva


4:25 what an honor to see a ship that my father commanded the construction.

Author — DeRua 83


1:31 whoa is that a aircraft carrier!?

Author — Jonh Allen


GONE BAD, which part man ? They did double check 200% over and over and over again before releasing that monster 🤦🏼‍♀️👎🏼

Author — Dell Dahlia