Why Am I A Veterinarian???

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To help answer som FAQs

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A Doctor, a youtuber with 3 different extremely successful channels with constant uploads, a clothing manufacturer for yourself and many other youtubers, a real estate mogul with 3 property’s, and most importantly a great father with more kids than I can handle is just incredible! You could be successful off any one of those business ventures but combining them all together and all of them being successful is just flat out amazing!

Author — 2fastHarley


Vet ranch fans: " No idea he is good in guns."

Demolition fans: " No idea he is a vet"

Author — No Kia


I had no idea he was a veterinarian until a few weeks ago. I just thought he was the goofy gun guy from DEMO RANCH. This blew my mind.

Author — Robert Haskell


Matt is the most American guy I've ever known. Texan, love guns, love his job, love his family, put all his passion into his life.

Author — Shampoo Banana


Shit man... that's a beautiful story...my dad has been in prison for my whole life. Wish I could have had a awesome dad like Matt does. Your so lucky dude. Many blessings

Author — joshs199


Easy to tell how Matt become such a genuinely good, kind man and father. He had a good role model to learn from. Love it.

Author — Trey Best


I just learned of him even being a veterinarian today after following him for about 3 years. He has been an awesome guy to follow and now that I saw this side of him is absolutely amazing and family owned wow. Mad respect and kudos man!

Author — racingmikey1


I love how the dad is tenderly stroking the sleepy dog’s head. I can tell he really has a big heart for animals. I love you guys💕

Author — Donna Delight


I've been watching Matt on demo Ranch for about a year now and then finding this out about him is kind of heartwarming he really is just one of the best dudes on the planet. Thank you sir for everything you have done and still do.

Author — Chris Rogers


I'm a Vet student in my last year at the University of Nairobi -Kenya; and this is very encouraging.

Author — kinyanjui simon


I love how your father is petting the puppy between scrolling his phone, he won't let that puppy feel alone.
I love you guys.

Author — Borret2k


I love that he Bought the place, instead of getting it *just* because his dad owned it, like those "second generation heirs" that expect to just be handed everything. He earned it and i love that, and i love that he is so caring and such

Author — lnfamousDevotee


Matt’s a great dude. Now that I watch his other channels like vet ranch it makes me appreciate this guy so much more. Good heart. Keep doing what your doing man. The world needs more ppl like you

Author — Michael Cain


You can tell your father is very proud of you and your accomplishments. I can see it in his eyes and his smile. Thanks to everyone at your clinic who helps save those sweet animals. You guys are something special and in this crazy world a breath of fresh air.

Author — Jeremy Newhouse


You’re so lucky to have that relationship with your dad. My dad and I could barely turn on a light together without fighting. He would find fault with how I flipped the switch. In fact, in fact it became so bad he died two years ago and I don’t miss him. So you’re so lucky. Enjoy it. It’s so good to see.

Author — S R Castic


My parents have been going to your practice for a long long time back when your dad was running it. Been watching ur demolitionranch channel for a long time and just today realized i recognized your last name and just discovered this! Crazy crazy small world

Author — LucifersAss


Y"all just made me much love within your entire family!!!! This is something we just don't see nearly often enough these days. My husband has this kind of love for my boys, who were 6 and 12 when he met them, and are now almost 27 and almost 33 and we added a girl to our family almost 19 years ago.

Author — Ann Fournier


Matts dad must be so proud of his son :) it is really heartwarming to see how close they are and how well they get along. It isn't surprising though that Lee's family turned out so well because he is just a top notch guy. You can just tell he is really wise, kind and has a really good attitude. The kind of guy who would raise wonderful kids - just like Matt is now.

Author — Jackson 83


Was very adorable to watch Dr Lee with Nala. As the pup was waking he never took his hand off of her...he just kept petting her and loving on her. Watching Dr Lee, one can see why Matt is such a great, loving man. Good genes and good parenting. I love you guys!! Keep up the good work with Nala. I will be waiting for an update. Thank you so much for what you do. Blessed be.

Author — Jannetta K Tibbs


It's such a blessing for both of you to have such a close, loving relationship. And Matt looks way too much like Dr. Lee for there to be any doubt who his daddy is! :)

Author — Amy