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Something depressing is about to happen and I'm not sure if I'm ready to see Will deal with it just yet. This is a one of a kind series that knows how to build its world and characters!
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I can't wait to read everyone's theories on what they think Gus wants from Will! We don't see world's like these often in anime so when we do we need to promote them as the gems of the anime season! Thoughts on episode 2 of Paladin?

Author — AH Brandon Reviews


Interesting weapon he found a spear that can extend and retract and the Blade can blind enemies. It kind reminds me of Son Goku Monkey stick. I get the feeling that Gus for Moment wanted Will to Kill him so he could move on or see how far he will go but once he heard how much he means to him he played it off that is just a lesson and now he does not want him to leave as they will be alone when he leaves.

Author — actionvids35


I think they all have regrets. I think blood wants someone to surpass him. Gus to have a true successor. From all the mage shows I've seen alot of times its the final test to absorb their power...for mary I think she just wanted to raise a child

Author — Anime Revolution


I think this is connected to Gus' Oath, and he's probably forbidden from saying anything. I am wondering if for some reason the only thing that was keeping the 3 of them connected was Will and that once he leaves everything will change? I did love the discussion he had with Gus about the perception of good depending on what is going on with the world and how it relates to your position.

Author — Chimaera


I think Gus fought Will to spare Blood's life, he wanted Will to kill him to make his rite of passage void, after all, if he can kill a famous wizard like Gus, what need is there to duel Blood after that?.
I get the feeling that these Undead are getting ready to move on after Will turns into an adult which fills me with dread...

btw, the ED for this show is probably the best one I heard in the whole season so far.
Unless Mushoku Tensei has something to say about that, the song that played during the pv2 has yet to be featured and it was beautiful as well.

Author — Manafon


I like how Blood placed Will in the deep end after Will proudly said he's a genius. When Gus said he was gonna teach Will something important involving coins, I thought he was gonna teach him the currency system of the world, but instead he just wanted to gamble. Will keeping the burns instead of healing them is a testament to him saving Mary. Blood and Gus really taught Will that he kinda depends on them a bit too much since they've been taking care of him.

Author — Random Trainer X.


Hey man! Thanks for the review. I have quite a number of thoughts!

This was a neat episode. So far the pacing seems pretty solid, just based on what I've read from the LN. There were a few rearranged scenes, but I think they still managed to keep a good flow to the story, which is impressive. They cut one part that isn't majorly important - more of a side thing - where Blood, Gus and Will get drunk (and in the case of our undead fellows, they're just pretending to be drunk). It's one of the few "fanservicey" moments in the series I guess, since they all decide to peep on Mary while she's changing. It's pretty tame as far as LNs go though, and it leads to a pretty humorous scene of Will experiencing his first wet dream. Because, of course, he's physically aging as well, so that has to be taken in to account.

I understand why they wouldn't include it though. But it's an extra scene for anyone wondering.
I am glad that they included the gambling scene though! That was a lot of fun. It's small moments like that, that make the characters feel much more human.

Also, was it just me, or were the voice performances stellar this episode or what?! Maki Kawase in particular, continues to impress me with her performance. She gives a lot of emotion and vulnerability to Will. Gus' VA also did a fantastic job.

The CGI skeletons were a little jarring at first. But once we transitioned to underground, it blended pretty well with everything.

All in all, a good follow-up to the first episode. The Next two episodes should be very, very interesting! And emotional for sure.

Till next week, cheers!

Author — Liam Erasmus


My favorite scene from this episode. Was when Gus was talking about the gods in the start of the episode. Like how the difference between a good god and evil god could be revised. Which you usually don’t see that kind of philosophy in anime with religion where it usually is more just black and white.

Author — Didrik Swahn


i started this anime also and boy after ep 2 it feels this got some emotional lore. dont drop this series brandon. keep up great work.

Author — rahul


Gus is definitely sus. I can't predict where this is going to go as I haven't put a lot of thought into it but I'm ready to be surprised.
I absolutely love the influence Greek, Roman and Egyptian Gods had on the Gods in this series...
Will's VA delivered on the emotional stuff in this episode. Especially in the cave and the talk with Gus at the end of the episode.
He's about to have his coming of age ritual is coming but I wonder if he does fail what could that mean.
The CGI wasn't too bad as some might say. It fitted pretty well in the cave but outside it looked a little rough but it wasn't bad by any means.
I'm glad the studio is taking its time exploring the Gods and the characters before the action and the action isn't that bad.
Is the the flashiest action? No, but it does its job and I'm more interested in the story anyway.
Hope you continue watching it and reviewing as I get the feeling it will be a good ride.

Author — Xtreme Gaming


Upon completing this episode I found myself thinking
"Man, and I thought Mushoku Tensei's episodes flew by fast, but this is next level.... I started the episode 4 minutes ago, how are there end credits already?"
Depending on how this and 2 other shows end up developing further, this will be no doubt a competitor for my anime of the season.

Author — Animusswtor


I think they all have some regret and burden and they don't want the burden carry by will. Interesting episode so far. Thank you for review ❤️

Author — MF Ver.02 pro


emotional is the right word, i hope you keep enjoying this series because is like no other

Author — ezequiel fernandez


i really really love the first Volume, its my all time favurite LN out of the 150+ i have read. Later volumes are also good, but this one really is phenominal. as such i would love for them taking their time going through (like 86 S1) but that doesnt seem the case. Granted there is not a lot left out thats tranlatable to screen, but one can wish, cant they?

The real intersting thing nrxt to the whole God/vow system would be the Magic system. We already learned you have to say a word + intent to cast a spell, but now we see Gus speaking words +intent and writing words + intent with both hands at the same time. Multi magic casting thats purely reliant on your hand coordination and your ingenouity, as the words of power vary and can do aynthing, but also can backfire. Love that it isnt constraint to "water, light, fire, earth, wind, dark"

Author — Thejacensolo


i already know the next episode is goin to break my heart in the worst way possible idk why or how i know i just get that feeling

Author — Lucy White


I remember reading the manga and crying upon the end of the first arc and we should be hitting that soon. And later on the Hobbit/lord of the ring's references come full force and that level of world building consistency filled me such wonder

Author — Shinra


I don't like these flags. It could be that their time is running out.

The gambling scene was priceless!

Author — DeAndre Dukes


This series feels similar to Jobless Reincarnation with how it's basically detailing a character's new life in another world. I heard that the author drew inspiration from Jobless Reincarnation, so maybe that's why it has a similar vibe.

Author — Hannah Brennan


They call themselves traitors multiple times, while they refer to the undeads in the ruin as "mindless" one. I get the feeling that, after his birthday and last test, they will give him the purple badass sword saw in the opening and ask Will to put them to rest, before they become mindless themselves. But after the bread twist, not so sure if will go this way tbh

Author — xKiri


I think he'll choose Gracefeel, the goddess he was interested in episode 1. Daughter of Volt and Mater, which fittingly is Mary's goddess.

Author — Vitória Dias