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Final testament of NECROS CHRISTOS released on the 18th of May 2018 by Sepulchral Voice Records.

Disc 1 - ITH א
00:00 Temple I - Zohar of the Sky
03:00 I Am Christ
13:44 Gate of Sooun
16:27 Temple II - Cistern of Bethlehem
17:51 Tombstone Chapel
23:52 Gate of Damihyron
25:05 Temple III - Helper of YHVH
25:45 He Doth Mourn in Hell
32:57 Gate of Aion Tsevaoth

Disc 2 - SETH ב
34:55 Temple IV - Oracle of Men
36:34 Seven Altars Burn in Sin
48:56 Gate of Arba-Hemon
49:58 Temple V - Bereshit
51:54 Exiled in Transformation
58:59 Gate of Behet-Myron
1:01:00 Temple VI - Weight of Gold
1:02:01 The Heart of King Solomon in Sorcery
1:11:57 Gate of Sulam

Disc 3 - TEI טטט
1:13:05 Temple VII - Alive in Sheol
1:14:32 The Guilt they Bore
1:22:08 Gate of Jehudmijron
1:23:09 Temple VIII - Smoke in Fire
1:24:25 Exodos
1:34:31 Gate of Dimitrijon
1:36:08 Temple IV - Redeemer to Zion
1:37:14 In Meditation on the Death of Christ
1:51:15 Gate of Ea On

💬 Comments

This album is amazing... Heavy, dark, groovy, infernal... You guys have a unique and awesomely powerful sound. Darkest blessings.

Author — Blake Satyr


It is the end of the year now, so I can tell you this with absolute certainty that this is the Album of the Year. At least, for me. I just love this sooo fucking much. Damn, I'm basically listening to it 24/7. Thanks, Necros Christos for the album and for sharing it online (I bought my copy but it hasn't arrived yet).

Author — Longestnickevaaaaaar


You can call their style death/doom/blackened ..whatever, the truth is Necros Christos scream OLD SCHOOL! All the way they recall the old days of Mortuary Drape, Samael, Rotting Christ even Incantation and Morbid Angel.

Author — Lucifer's Tail


This is how real death metal sounds like. Obscure, Abyssic and for sure from a different dimension

Author — Aris Sp


Album of the year material right here. What a masterpiece of sound conjuration. Necros Christos crafts the ultimate soundscape of the Black Arts in an incredibly thought provoking effort of brutality, sofistication and cohesivity. Absolute 10 out of 10.

Author — Odín


So many new things to observe. Guitar work is phenomenal. For sure they didn't follow the easy way. This is far more complex and non-symmetrical than their previous releases. It's gonna take weeks (maybe months) before I fully absorb it.

Author — The Endungeoned Chronicles


Took 2 days, but I listened to the whole thing!

Author — Lord Bred


What a masterpiece! Thank you. Hope I get the chance to see u live.

Author — vomitofblood


nearly 2 hours of a masterpiece that will go down as one of my all time favorites.
schöne grüße nach berlin, bin fast beschämt euch jetzt erst entdeckt zu haben :)

Author — seriously wicked


Brutal and excellent songs, thank for your music, infernals greetings

Author — Carlos Riatos


Honor to whom honor is due !!!
Respect !!!

Author — Notorious Death


Another one interesting introduction of a Necros Christos album

Author — πτερυγαΔ γυρναμοτιεχεις


They never fail. Since Triune I've been telling people they are the freshest and the best sound in the contemporary metal. Pure genius. Every single sound they produced is mind-blowing. Amazing shit. Keep up the good work!

Author — Stoned Heathen


holy shit almost two hours. will give it a proper listen soon.

Author — gcfvk


Man that solo segment in Seven altars burn in sin is mezmerising!

Author — Raphael Morin


Oh man i love Tombstone Chapel!
And in a few days they're playing live, that will be awesome.

Author — futariTV


1:19:29 to 1:20:33 on replay.
Already one of the best albums of 2018.

Author — Sartor Odium


the best moment - 1:37:40 - 1:39:50 top !

Author — Lubos Fiacan


Epic blasphemous greatness! Fuel for life.

Author — Chris Koning


this is just awesome... thanks for upload and share

Author — M. J.