Breaking down Russia and U.S. nuclear capabilities

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Breaking down Russia and U.S. nuclear capabilities 4

On "60 Minutes" CBS News national security correspondent David Martin took a deeper look into the threat and risk of nuclear war as Russia and the U.S. build their nuclear arsenals. David Martin and director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists Hans Kristensen join CBSN to discuss.

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Why can’t war be fought between leaders in a boxing match, where they themselves can only die?

Author — How big is the Specific Ocean?


"We can put this aircraft anywhere we want anytime we like".... REALLY???

As long as it is not Russia or China.

Author — Mr Egusi


After this war, prepare to fight the next war with stones & sticks.

Author — Goliath de Laru


these people talk about nuclear weapons like they are toys, the globalist media is sick.

Author — Fliegenklatsche


Nazis: "we had best propaganda for the German citizens."
America: "hold my beer"

Author — king quad s


The propaganda is strong with this video :p

Author — Miguel Navarro


Who’s here after the u.s killed the Iran General?

Author — Ernesto Sanchez


there's a deep state in the united state that are unable to get to . evil forces gone beyond its limit . the almighty from above has to interfere

Author — S Pal


So two world leaders get annoyed at each other and now I’m dead by an last or radiation fallout. Seems legit to me

Author — RobertoMH 16


Goodluck dodging a hypersonic missile. Old technology in modern age

Author — Jade Waaka


Misleading Doesn't show any of Russia capabilities

Author — Rohit Sanyal


If Russia and US go to war it doesn't matter who has the first shot!!!

Author — Ajax 2.0


Why nuclear capabilities? Just fly an airliner into the Pentagon ;-) Any Afghan farmer can do this ;-)

Author — Edgar Kaufmann


Why they are now doing the same on Venezuela, Syria, Libya among others

Author — Victor T


And the US defo didn't invade anyone else and violated what they are accusing Russia of doing 50 times.

Author — Iceland Motorsport Rally fan


Stupid reasoning so when you are invading Iraq, Syria Libya etc it's good but when Russia does it you are in panic?

Author — Tai TV


Man becomes curious to destroy themselves!!

Author — Lynzo Zou


the modern b52 of today reminds me of a A10 wart hog on steroids

Author — Chase Everett


"anytime we want anywhere we want " S400 says hello.

Author — Nathan Watts


The chance of nuclear war just from someone making a mistake is frighteningly possible.

Author — Brad Brad