Silvaco TCAD ATLAS tutorial 6. Design of DGMOSFET. How to find out SS, Vth, Ion/Ioff ratio and DIBL.

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Silvaco TCAD ATLAS tutorial 6.
Design of Double Gate Mosfet (DGMOSFET).
Design and Characterization of Double Gate MOSFET using Silvaco TCAD tool.
Comparison between DGMOSFET, SOI and Bulk MOSFET.
How to extract different parameters such as Subthreshold Slope (SS), Threshold Voltage (Vth), Ion/Ioff ratio and Drain Induces Barrier Lowering (DIBL) using Silvaco Tool.

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you have to develop a 3D 14nm gate length Tri-Gate FinFET in Atlas with the following specifications:

1. Length of source/drain = 10 nm 

2. Height of source/drain = 20 nm 

3. Width of source/drain = 20 nm 

4. Doping of source/drain = n-type, 1 x 10^18

5. Doping of substrate and channel = p-type, 2 x 10^15

6. Tbox = 50 nm, Tsub = 30 nm 

7. Gate Work function = 4.6eV

8. Thickness of SiO2 oxide layer = 2 nm.

Author — Rajesh nathji


Can u make Video on flash memory...mainly address to threshold value

Author — Mamatha Gollavilli


Hello, tks for the videos.
Do you have any DRAM devices or library with the parameters (geometry, doping profile ...) that is available for academic use ?

Author — Nguyen Hoang


Sir, the extraction is not occuring. It says no such file in the directory and initialisation has not been performed. I am using example soiex02. What to do??

Author — Rahul Paul


Nice information, thank you very much.

Author — Murugapandiyan P


Great video!! what is the nw_gc_igdl.log
file that you've used?!

Author — Akshaya Anand


Sir can you please tell how to simulate bandgap and electric field models for 2-D structured Dual Gate Mosfet

Author — Mayuresh Joshi


Hii sir.. in the beginning u have shown device dimensions as Length = 500 nm .. but while writing x.mesh commands u took length as only 250nm. Infact all dimensions are different

Author — Sana


sir, extract DIBL code is not working, can you help sir ?

Author — Sudeshna Mondal


Very informative, can you show for Double gate FINFET also. Thank you.

Author — Salini Singh


When execution this code, I am not getting proper output file. Plz help sir

Author — Diganta Das


Hi Sir. It was a great video, thanks. Nervetheless i have a question for you. Did you use the model that you present in video?
Because the dimensions doesn't agree with the 2-D model in tonyplot, you have been construct using parameters that are half part of the model that you present, that is what i think, maybe i made a mistake.

And finally the results are different to me, despite i copy your code. Thanks for the answer

Author — Carlos Castle


Why did you take "y intercept=-7" for calculating threshold voltage?

Author — Shirazush Salekin Chowdhury


Hello sir. Thank you for nice videos. I've got two problem. Can I get some advice for these issues?

1.Tonyplot of "nw_gc_igd1.log"
In my plot, first point (0V, 0A)and last point(1V, 0.1mA) are connected together.
But, I can see your plot is not like me. (6:56)

2. Error message
Below is the error message I got.

Unrecognized line in set file "nw_gc_idg.log":v ATLAS
Do you wish to suppress warnings?

What can I do for this?

Below is the codes I wrote. Is there any typo? Please help me.

Double gate
go atlas
mesh space.mult=1.0
x.mesh loc=0.00 spac=0.01
x.mesh loc=0.005 spac=0.01
x.mesh loc=0.10 spac=0.0001
x.mesh loc=0.15 spac=0.0001
x.mesh loc=0.20 spac=0.01
x.mesh loc=0.25 spac=0.0001
y.mesh loc=0.00 spac=0.001
y.mesh loc=0.002 spac=0.001
y.mesh loc=0.005 spac=0.001
y.mesh loc=0.015 spac=0.001
y.mesh loc=0.018 spac=0.001
y.mesh loc=0.020 spac=0.001

region num=1 material=Air x.min=0 y.min=0
region num=2 material=SiO2 x.min=0.1 x.max=0.15 y.min=0.002 y.max=0.005
region num=3 material=SiO2 x.min=0.1 x.max=0.15 y.min=0.015 y.max=0.018
region num=4 material=silicon x.min=0 x.max=0.1 y.min=0.005 y.max=0.015
region num=5 material=silicon x.min=0.1 x.max=0.15 y.min=0.005 y.max=0.015
region num=6 material=silicon x.min=0.15 x.max=0.25 y.min=0.005 y.max=0.015
electrode name=gate x.min=0.1 x.max=0.15 y.min=0.0 y.max=0.002
electrode name=gate2 x.min=0.1 x.max=0.15 y.min=0.18 y.max=0.20
electrode name=source x.min=0 x.max=0.05 y.min=0.003 y.max=0.005
electrode name=drain x.min=0.2 x.max=0.25 y.min=0.003 y.max=0.005
doping uniform concentration=1e18 p.type region=5
doping uniform concentration=1e20 n.type region=4
doping uniform concentration=1e20 n.type region=6
interf qf=3e10 y.max=0.005
contact name=gate workfun=4.6
contact name=gate2 workfun=4.6 common=gate
contact name=source
contact name=drain
models conmob srh auger bgn fldmob print
output qfn qfp e.field j.electron j.hole j.conduction ex.field ey.field flowline e.mobility h.mobility qss e.temp h.temp j.disp
method newton trap
solve init
solve prev
solve vdrain=0
solve vdrain=0.01
solve vdrain=0.02
solve vdrain=0.03
solve vdrain=0.04
solve vdrain=0.05
log outf=nw_gc_igd1.log
solve name=gate vgate=0 vstep=0.1 vfinal=1
tonyplot nw_gc_igd1.log
save outf=nw_gc_igd_eq.str
tonyplot nw_gc_igd_eq.str

#extract init infile="nw_gc_igd1.log"
extract name="vt1" x.val from curve ((v."gate"), log10(abs(i."drain"))) where y.val=-7

solve init
solve prev
solve vdrain=0
solve vdrain=0.05
solve vdrain=0.1
solve vdrain=0.2
solve vdrain=0.4
solve vdrain=0.6
solve vdrain=0.8
solve vdrain=1
log outf=nw_gc_igd.log

solve ac freq=1e16 name=gate vgate=0 vstep=0.05 vfinal=1
#extract init infile="nw_gc_igd.log"

extract name="vt2" x.val from curve ((v."gate"), log10(abs(i."drain"))) where y.val=-7
save outf=nw_gc_igd_eq.str
tonyplot nw_gc_igd.log

tonyplot -overlay nw_gc_igd1.log nw_gc_igd.log -set nw_gc_igd.log

extract name="dibl" ($"vt1"-$"vt2")/(1-0.05)
#extract init infile="nw_gc_igd.log"
extract name="subvt" 1.0/slope(maxslope(curve(v."gate",
extract name="Ioff_n" y.val from curve(v."gate", i."drain") where x.val=0
extract name="Ion_n" y.val from curve(v."gate", i."drain") where x.val=1
extract name="Ion_Ioff" $Ion_n/$Ioff_n

extract name="gm" curve (v."gate", dydx(v."gate", i."drain")) outf="gm.dat"


Author — 홍인표


Why interface oxide charges are not defined for the second gate?

Author — Salini


@18.01 time dibl=0.06/9.95=0.0060 =6.03mv/decade or 60mv/decade??

Author — Manu Bansal