Julius Malema speak on BOB WINE, president MUSEVEN, MNANGAGWA, Zimbabwe on CHINA

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Julius Malema speak on BOB WINE, president MUSEVEN, MNANGAGWA, Zimbabwe on CHINA 4.5
Julius Malema and EFF leader from South Africa

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Who is watching with me greetings to you mr malema

Author — masrrieh jabbi


I hear you General. JAH bless. Rastafari. Africa unite.

Author — Jimmy and the Resurrection


Mr Malema you have a very smart brain and you are among the people who realized why Africa was and still not develop God help you with your good ideas.

Author — Amadou Jallow


Yeah Uganda we Love you South Africans to help Ugandans and Bobi wine ❤️❤️👑👑💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

Author — James Jay


Respect cic juju from Malawi 🇲🇼 we need readers like you sir

Author — ELLIOT Dzekedzeke


Am really in love with this man after watching this video.

Author — I am that I am


Honor & Continued Power & Blessings to Honorable Julius Malema & The EFF!!!! Love & Respect from GA/US!!! FORWARD!!!!

Author — Choose LIFE!


Keep goin julius we are gettin closer to elections viva my leader

Author — anda mela


I respect you Hon Julius Malema thank you very much Bobi wine is our hope
M7 must

Author — Blessed Blessed


Thanks brother Julius we truly believe in u

Author — Ssena Henry


Thanks for recognising Bobi wine, means recognising Uganda. I like Bobi for inspiring us though I hate seeing him going to UK and USA, for whatever reasons coz those whites have never wished us good, they want to use him just like they have been using M7. They use you for so much evil then drop you if you slightly divert. I love people power, it gives us hope, let's wait 2021 elections and we see what happens. For God and My Country. Africa bless.

Author — Kalungi Isaac


This is extremely beautiful and fantastic, I like CIC malema, south Africa don't miss 2019

Author — locomotive binburegyeya


May God continue to protect and bless Hon Bobi wine....we're so blessed to have him in Uganda....be blessed Hon Malema

Author — Resty Nanvuma


Am a kenyan but again u inspire more en more,

Author — Kenneth Mutwiri


Perfect! You remind me of a man in the bible called Moses, but you will arrive in the promised land.

Author — Chawe Mavee


President Paul Biya of Cameroon is a big fool

Author — Better Days


Wawwawawa we always salutes you Hon Julius malema we're here watching live from Uganda statehouse. Thx for the new enforcement plans of the revolution. May the Lord God protect all opposition leaders around the world

Author — Mirimu Ivan


Yes of course we need young people in office but we need to know if that young MAN is not plying the away of the European and i don't pry for that i want young people like you juju we want the United States of afrika we don't have time any more

Author — Malang Mendy


Thanks for that STRONG VOICE, one Africa.

Author — morris morrix


Thanks Mr.Malema ur on point the old man must go .Yes enough is enough

Author — Anisha Bridget