Gowdy compares impeaching Kavanaugh to 'political death penalty'

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Gowdy compares impeaching Kavanaugh to 'political death penalty' 5
Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy weighs in on the New York Times issuing a correction on latest Kavanaugh allegation. #TheStory #MarthaMacCallum #FoxNews

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there NEEDS to be a consequence for being not just wrong, but intentionally trying to ruin a persons career and life.

Author — c Shep


I say we impeach all Democrats, get them out of Congress and into mental health treatment centers.

Author — Mordechai Jones


I think Judge Kavanaugh should sue all involved for slander...

Author — Jim Thomas


Ok, I'll say it again....the Dems are competing to see who is the most insane. And these A--holes want to run our country.

Author — Freddie H


Democrats are their own worst enemies, they've masterfully destroyed their own party with all these cry wolf stories over the past 3 years.

Author — Deli Llama


Actually the fact that there's no evidence to support the story means the story shouldn't be reported.

Author — Anon Anonymous


I hope Trump 2020 is a Huge Landslide!

Author — Jill Shinn


I don't get why this is even a thing if the alleged "victim" doesn't say it happened.

Author — Roger Jennings


The left are simply and clearly lunatics

Author — Rob Haight


The Democrats are on so many witch-hunts. They are like dogs chasing their tails!!!

Author — Rebecca Thomas


The dems won't let it go with Kavanaugh they are still mad he is now a supreme court justice wow these people are possessed



How stupid does that make those candidates look, !

Author — Matthew Rand


Guilty until proven innocent is what Democrats would love to see in this country. Whatever it takes for them to take power.

Author — jaochaigob


The Dems are out of it.
They will lose the house and Senate. Forget about the executive branch. Trump won already.
Only Joe manchin will be left.

Author — H Pn


The left are an existential threat to freedom and civility

Author — B Rad


Anytime Trey Gowdy is on I give an automatic thumbs up. I had never heard him speak until a few years ago. Prior to that I only knew his name because he was always being labeled by the MSM as "right wing", or "an extremist". Now that I've actually listened to him I've realized that he's an extremely intelligent, well spoken man of high moral character. He's the exact opposite of the way he was characterized by the MSN, which just proves that they really are fake news. Keep up the excellent work Mr. Gowdy. I hope I have the opportunity to vote for you for President in 2024!

Author — Cedar Reuben


You can smell the deceit from here . These clowns are TDS on steroids .

Author — Tim Walters


Sir, they are trying to destory America.

Author — Ada Johnson


Kavanaugh is already in it for life there's no getting rid of him

Author — Gregory Chaffer


Time to start holding these people accountable, start dragging them out into the streets and set examples of them !!!

Author — Mike Hanen