The Truth Behind My College Admissions

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The Truth Behind My College Admissions 5
What happens in a college admissions office?

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I love that she was honest, informative, and wasn't pretentious about her achievements. You go, Molly.

Автор — Krystina Tran


I like her. She recognizes her privilege.

Автор — mutantmuggle84


I admire this young lady for recognizing the flaws of the admission system even though she herself is admittedly privileged.

Автор — Melanie Mota


As a senior in high school, this gave me severe anxiety. RIP.

Автор — Jenna Marcus


graduated from yale and you work at buzzfeed?

Автор — megan m


I was accepted into an ivy league school. I celebrated like crazy. After one year, I was $50, 000 in debt and had to drop out to focus on paying it off. The college systems are so screwed up and money hungry. This needs to end.

Автор — Christopher Jared


I really like that she admitted why she got in. She seems very sympathetic towards lower income pll.

Автор — Chiquis Saucedog


So this points to what we already know?

Pick your parents wisely. It'll make all the difference.

Автор — BizyGi


haha who else first read it as "I saw my college admissions flies"

Автор — Olivia Gibert


I wonder why I was accepted to some schools and kids that were way smarter than me didn't

Автор — bunni babie


US education system explained in one video.

Автор — Toon Hermans


So to get into college I just have to:
-be white
-have parents who are college graduates
- be rich

Автор — Lizad Ting


I'm Asian and the high school I go to is 50% Asian.. Aiya.

Автор — Gary Ma


I will tell you how it is done in EU. You wanna go to university... you list for exam, you take the exam and X amount of people are passed in. Depending on the course it will be 90-120 people. Now there is no interview process, no racial profiling, no photo. Just the exam, if you do good one exam you have a fair shot of getting in.

Автор — the Void


This really proves that the poor can only stay poor, even if they have the potential.

Автор — thegreen


She made me want to cry. I feel like I'm losimg hope on everything.

Автор — Keshia Murphy


Here you go,
Your daily dose of anxiety.

Автор — Ari


So I actually work in admissions. This is pretty accurate. To be totally honest, the most biggest deciding factor is that she got lucky. It's a crap-shoot. Sometimes ACT/SAT scores matter. Sometimes they don't. Your rank in class matters and then it doesn't. But your actual GPA in high school is most likely BS and no one cares.

Автор — PelloTap


Ima bleach my I can have a shot at Harvard

Автор — william calderon


People are missing the point of this video. It isn't really about race, but poverty. All the wealthy kids of color in my high school got into big prestigious universities. Most of the other kids of color didn't go to college or went to community college. Most of them were poor. Im Hispanic and grew up from a poor immigrant family and i was one of the 10 kids of color from my high school class that went straight into a university. That is 10 out of about 250 kids of color, excluding the wealthy ones. This happens, because most of the people of color dont come from wealthy families, so people assume its about race when its actually about income.

Автор — DZR3WIND