Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC's foundation

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Hannity: Evidence is coming that will rock DC's foundation 4.5
The facts will make the American people question how this could ever happen in our country.

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Now they want Biden in to sweap it under rug hmmm Trump 2020

Author — Manster Manster


Thank you Lord Jesus for removing dems permantly.AMEN.😊😊

Author — Q HopeFull !!!


Sean you need to write a book about this entire thing you are one of the most well-informed and educated people on this subject

Author — pddj19871


Most impressive part of this video is the tenacity of Hannity to not only get it all straight but have the courage to broadcast it. Bravo.

Author — Maya David


Thankyou Sean, About time these evil ones were rounded up and justice done. Restored Republic.

Author — tommy sport


Conservatives we need to be getting ready to tackle these crooks!

Author — Mary Gallegos


Sean, you have really stepped out of the shadow of your competitors, thank you for being brave and supporting our duly elected President.

Author — arrowhead indianprincess


Thank You HANNITY For Your Research Into What's Really Happening In America!!!

Author — Donald Smith


Going to jail is not good enough...they need to be publicly executed. Why should the American people pay to house, feed and cloth these low-lifes?

We also need to get to the bottom of the corrupt news media and their part in all of this.

Author — Y M


Player Obama. The White House is in Charge... Obama Number One! Get Him!

Author — JoveeKovee


We know how it happened People we should not have trusted. We have been infiltrated with very evil beings. We must get them out fast

Author — Nora See


Sean, you say, not only did they not verify the dossier ....

They WROTE it and fed it to Steel.

Author — jeremy higgins


Well done Sean! Thank you! Exposing all!

Author — Gail Stoddard


Thank you, Sean, for the TRUTH...O be doesn't get it from other networks, which I refuse to watch anymore anyway.

Author — Joan Holliman


Great job hannity! 🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸 LOCK THEM UP🇺🇸

Author — Full Armor


Bring Justice. Hold all who were involved with the coverup and scandal from Russia collusion all the way back to the Benghazi attack.

Author — jeffgriffitts


DC needs to be bombed out, wayyyy too many criminals walking around. Stop talking about it and let's get som arrests going.

Author — Ray Charron


thank you for sticking to the truth. you explain it very well so people can understand it.
May God bless you and keep you safe.
God bless America again

Author — Charlotte Dickerson


I just wanted to say thank Mr. Hannity for continuing to tell the truth and standing up to all those who hide behind their lies! I'm really glad I started watching your videos and news broadcasts

Author — Sharon Rushing


BHO ADMINISTRATION was involved and is complicit. No plea deals.. no executive privilege. Lady Justice must apply the scales equally.

Author — ted carriker