Oklahoma Vs. Ohio State Highlights 2017 | CFB Week 2 | College Football Highlights 2017

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Lol Here because of Monday night football😳😂😂

Author — Adam Blackfoot


Love the planting of the flag mid field on OSU logo, bet that got the OSU fans pissed, LOL

Author — Uncle fester


I think herby was a bit pissed seeing that flag plant. I don't blame him a bit. but, it happened, what ya gonna do.

Author — Tonto Gonzales


Damn this was what makes college football the best damn thing on earth! Appreciate ya nick bosa for bringing me back

Author — Leon Roberson


Refs were on ohio side. And they still lost

Author — George Washington


4:23... 11:11 on the clock, down by 11, pass intercepted

Author — Dan


Still Lincoln Riley’s biggest win today

Author — Vj Long


at 3:26
hi fluffy, it's Aaron from high school lol

Author — OttoVonAaron


Back when oklahoma actually had a defense

Author — 60-pint 3-speed industrial grade dehumidifier


why call the ball down at the :29 second play. if you let it play out the whole scenario changes.
edit- also what is the tune at the end of the video @HaydenYT

Author — TriOculus


I know this is bias, but when OSU shell shocked OU in Norman everyone was fine with it. But when OU beats OSU and Baker does something disrespectful, everyone goes crazy. Also when Iowa State beat OU and planted their own flag Baker looked so upset about it

Author — Hax _m


Hated this when it happened. Then the browns took him. Fell in love. Came back to watch it. That’s my quarterback baby 🔥

Author — Mason Brown


"the pass was actually baskwards"

Author — gavin barnes


4:25 There is 11:11 left, down by 11, and picked off by number 11

Author — Biggus Dickus


Who is here after Bosa’s revenge game?

Author — MrFishnbike


Couldn’t have happened to a better college lol

Author — steven grenier


Sure have he deserves it best al time qb

Author — Daniel Noble


Very short highlight reel for osu...


Author — Kade Bollinger


being a Michigan fan, I was very happy

Author — OttoVonAaron


Whew, Ohio State really stink up the place. No offense, no continuity, no consistent passing game and neither team looks very good on D. Mayfield looked much better than his counterpart. Talk about being overrated, Ohio State sucks. Michigan doesn't look great either so the big ten might be vastly overrated. The Pac 12 is simply the big 12 gone west. ACC and the SEC have a couple dynamic teams. Louisville vs Alabama, it won't happen but wouldn't that be fun to watch? hahaha

Author — bullwinkle moose