Dahmer - Dahmerized FULL ALBUM (1997 - Grindcore)

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Grindcore band from Quebec, Canada that acted from 1995 to 2000. This is their sole full-length album, but had also released numerous EPs and splits.

Released in 1997 by Clean Plate Records.

01.[00:00] The Hillside Stranglers
02.[01:09] Douglas Daniel Clark
03.[02:07] Adolfo De Jesus De Constanzo
04.[03:02] Mark Essex
05.[03:57] John George Haigh
06.[04:50] Albert Hamilton Fish
07.[06:05] Jeanne Moulinet Weber
08.[07:06] Simoneau
09.[08:21] In, cool, braché, sensass & flyé
10.[08:58] David Berkowitz
11.[10:04] Bastards
12.[10:27] Les dieux de l'underground
13.[10:49] Gary Michael Heidnick
14.[11:30] Just Another Dis-clone Song
15.[12:18] Tueurs en séries
16.[13:08] Dennis Andrew Nilsen
17.[14:15] Pedro Alfonso Lopez
18.[15:20] Edward Gein
19.[16:09] John Wayne Gacy
20.[17:25] Positif

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I love it when the bass is audible in grind

Author — Jack


Obviously one of the heaviest, if not the heaviest, grind albums ever.

Author — CharlesNotBronson


Timeless masterpiece, send it into space telephatically and you'll see ufos taking all the parking space at. Dahmer gigz (in da past)

Author — Wojtek Piekarniak


I really wish they did more full lengths. One of the greatest grind LPs.

Author — Tim Cox


This is the best grindcore album that I have ever listened to period

Author — sCuM


Found out about these guys from the Slave to the Grind documentary! Great shit! Wholesome family music right here.

Author — Low Bottom Laughs


perfection of the genre. this is what one wants to hear. everything they did was on par. R.I.P.
Dahmer kills.

Author — womb splitter


Hell yeah!!! This is defintely one of the best grindcore albums of the late 90s!!

Author — Alex t


c'est incroyable d'écouter Dahmer et de réaliser que sa fait longtemps !

Author — Mylène Sauvageau


I'm really becoming a grindcore fan...

Author — Eugene Ray


4:07 So fucking brutal! Masters of Grindcore

Author — Elkoe Wise


If more grindcore was like this I would like grind more than just enough to call it an influence

Author — Juice Kingsley


Dahmer and Discordance Axis are the unsurpassed kings of grind.

Author — Nick Crane


I do like that kind of jazz! What a shame They are not active already. I would like to meet them at some summer jazz festival.

Author — Nefritovy Kralik


Why is this so goddamn good?! These guys are sick af

Author — Miranca


This album is a masterpiece grnd jewel.

Author — Carlos Andrés González


J'écoute Dahmer toute les semaines. Musique moment ...

Author — Mylene Sau


I Love how the Album art is real and a legit victim of Dahmer

Author — Nazghoul666


heard this back in '05 loved it... still own it

Author — goredock


muito massa mesmo  ai existe isso bom muito bom .

Author — gilson alves dossantos