Sadhguru - drinking excess water is dangerous, Never do that!

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Sadhguru - drinking excess water is dangerous, Never do that! 4.5

-If you don’t feel thirsty,
if you don’t drink water..
nothing is going to happen,
you’re going to be fine.
-drinking excess water is dangerous.
-drink only when thirsty
-Nobody need to drink water simply
because you think it’s a good thing to do.
-When you feel thirsty, you must drink water.



Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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💬 Comments on the video

Lol who drinks water when there not thirsty anyways? I've always just listened to my body

Author — anti gubernare


Doctors tell us to drink 8 glasses a day. It drains key trace elements from our bodies. Then the same Doctors said, OK....u r lacking this trace elements, u must buy these vitamins from me. But continue to drink water so that these vitamins gets transported throughout your body.

Author — 2028 JC


Wow! This is the exact opposite of what some lady I was trying out advice from said. She was saying to drink lots of water only early in the morning, before smelling food, because, then the body is open to absorbing it all. And, then, after that, to sip it throughout the day. At first, this seemed to go okay, but, then, I did swell up a lot and got miserable and have not been able to gain any balance, since. But, I have found that, without listening to any advice, just doing whatever, I ended up sometimes taking a few drinks of water and then leaving it alone for a long time and about once a day really driking quite a bit. And, that seems to be helping.

Author — Arletta Sloan


Sadguru bought into the astronomical fallacy of moon's gravitation being responsible for the tides. There aren't tides in rivers and lakes only oceans.

Author — Bentsion Janashvili


Put Television outside of house
Go inside house and read book

Author — Ken Dude


btw people, Sadhguru is not saying to not drink water. just do so in moderation and eat foods that have more water in them. balance and moderation is his whole point.

Author — daboodeef179


wow man!!! you made us astonished again with your knowledge. Much love and respect for your knowledge and intellect from Pakistan.

Author — Syed Umair Ali Shah


Entire world is blocking up their body with creams because they'll contact the world with Facebook 😂😂

Author — crip tions


I listen to what my body tells me, when it comes to food & water. When my body is deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, I crave food that have them. So whenever my body says I'm thirsty, I drink water.

Author — Spirtual Gangsta


i never feel thirsty i only know if im thirsty when i start drinking water so its not really applicable

Author — Timothy Dahl


I can vouch for the excess water issue. Of course if you are thirsty or live somewhere very hot and are losing water by sweat you will want to drink more to replace.

But I used to drink water just out of habit or because my throat was dry due to smoking and allergies. I experienced what Sadhguru describes in terms of mental imbalance. After hearing his advice to limit water intake I began to cut back and feel much more stable.

I couldn't believe that it helped especially after hearing so much about how you should basically drink as much water as possible...nonsense!

Author — Zalinger


someone in our town went to a health farm where they drank lots of water. he drowned from drinking to much

Author — Maggie Smith


I love the way he chuckles to himself, cause he KNOWS he is SOO right..

Author — BluesBeforeBreakfast


When i go to less humid and more dry hot climate, I need more water to drink or shower. Some people take eight tall glasses in and sips thru the day...FRUIT & VEGGIES are high water content good for heart and health

Author — Susmita Barua


Wow, Amazing knowledge, i'm lucky to hear this things from Sadhguru. Thank you.

Author — B. Lin


Totally agree with that ! I was having many health issues when I started drinking excess water..even when I was not feeling thirsty.. because my family and friends as well as my doctor too asked me to do so as I drink very less water. As soon as I stopped taking excess water, many of my health problems were solved.

Author — V Khawani


Beautiful presentation, thank you! Although it's true that many people grow distracted and consciously blurred, also due to a short attention span, following the flashing news items and imagery on their smartphones, there's a percentage of Earth's population waking up to their inner presence and sustenance, also spiritually. These aren't losing their sensitivity or wisdom.

Author — Marian B.


Funny enough that’s what I have always done the entire life. I only drink whey I am thirsty unlike people telling me I should be drinking 2 litre of water a day ever day! Cannot be anything more far out from the truth. I love sadghuru he is always correct in everything he says people should listen and follow his teachings.

Author — ALEX MG


I have tested this and I have never felt so good in my life and I will never stop I can go like 2 days without water I will work out and get really thirsty I don't drink water and all the sudden I still have spit generating also I used to have alot of wet dreams drinking a ton of water now I have nothing to do with that but also I am vegan

Author — Jordan Hanes


Whole food plant based here, and I only drink 3 cups of water a day, after a meal to flush my esophagus. I'm never thirsty!

Author — john doe