Toyota Sienta 2016 Features Se Bharpur

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

00:00 - Introduction
00:22 - Try SIFM Now Card
01:01 - Model Year
01:04 - Engine
01:23 - Features
02:06 - Seats
02:13 - Seating capacity
02:24 - Leg Room
03:00 - Suitability
03:28 - Built quality
03:44 - Driving modes
04:01 - Entry-exit
05:01 - Road Clearance
05:08 - Boot Space
05:28 - Fuel Average
05:36 - AC
06:11 - Exterior Design
06:43 - Price
06:52 - Check Latest Prices
07:24 - Axio Latest Price Card
07:34 - Aqua Latest Prices

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💬 Comments

Toyota sienta is a name of utility, durability and reliablity. I am using toyota sienta for the last 9 months and travelled to every rough and tough terrain. But sienta proved that its a make from toyota family i used toyota aqua before toyota sienta for 2 years.. i am ready to record owner series with pakwheels 👍👍👍👍👍🚘🚘🚘

Author — @informativetouch6819


“Acha hybrid hai ye”🤡 sunil was dead inside 😂😂

Author — @goosebumps531


funny reaction of Suneel Munj when Farhan Bhai said''Acha ye hybrid hai🤣😂😅''

Author — @abdulmoiz9287


Waiting for its competitor Honda Freed review by pakwheel❤🔥

Author — @malikbilal4593


One best thing about dude is that whenever he achieves something, he never gives the credit to himself. He always respect us, the audience the most and his team too. He is always polite in every of his video. We congratulate ourselves for this achievement. More to come and everything to come. W're always with you

Author — @aarij1


We got toyota sienta last year. It has been a very good experience and it is a very good car. The colour is also the same blue and the model is also same. For a second I thought humari gaari ka review hai xD

Author — @fahadbinabid19


Im using 2017 Toyota sienta beige interior in pearl white. awesome car, comfortable, leg space is also good. 8 bande bhi bithae hayn hmne tou. the only problem is ground clearance so you need to install the wheel spacer front and back both.

Author — @ramishvlogs6762


Mr. Suneel munj, sienta ki 2nd row seats slide Hoti hai front seat ki tarah. You can slide by black handle located below 2nd row seats so that 3rd row passenger can be seated easily.

Author — @mubiq1


Thank you suneel & farhan bhai for reviewing Sienta

Author — @yaxirsyed2456


To be honest zille is a great influencer now.. he should make video’s independently 🎉

Author — @abdullahdanish7908


clap nice sunil bhai aik option soch rkha hai war k dour k lea ur genius

Author — @aliemraan8797


We brought 2016 model sienta recently very good experience

Author — @usaid2004


یا اللّه مجھے سپورٹ کرنے والوں کی زندگی میں ڈھیروں خوشیاں نصیب فرمائے انہیں ہمیشہ خوش رکھنا اور مدینہ کی ذیارت نصیب فرمانا اور ان کے ماں باپ کی لمبی زندگی عطا فرما آمین❤❤

Author — @kzshorts01


آپ کا ایک کلک لگنا ہے اور مجھ کی زندگی بدل جاتی ہے ۔ اللہ آپ کو تمام خوشیاں نصیب فرمائے آپ کا والدین سایہ آپ پر سلامت رکھیں ۔ انھیں لمبی زندگی عطا فرمائے۔آمین.

Author — @quoteswords8168


نماز کامیابی کی کنجی ہے اللہ ہم سبھی کو پانچ وقتہ نمازی بنادیں آمین یا اللہ 🤲❤🤲🤲🤲🤲

Author — @learnwithasimumer


Suneel sahab please review 2020 Honda freed. It is better than seinta. Its back seats also turn into a bed plus the overall design is decent

Author — @Giuoro


hahahaha Sunil ka mind bht fast chalta hai isko pta hai kab kahan promtion krni hai 😊

Author — @TechPoint786


*Who feels proud to be a ummati of💞 Muhammad (S.A.W)*

Author — @magicvideos--


Suneel Bhai make a review of Toyota Haze. That can also be seen a lot on the roads.

Author — @perfectxcommunity6293


please also give review and comparison of Honda freed and Toyota Sienta

Author — @hareemaslam2759