SWTOR PVP - #1 Elite Vanguard ft. Cromar and Hengest - WAY➚

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Cromar and Hengest tear up some warzones as a Vanguard and Guardian.

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💬 Comments

Always have loved your BG's and Warzones Hengest glad to see you playing SWTOR!

Author — DKSTV


Awesome video. I'm really liking my vangaurd in pvp thanks to you

Author — serisscweald


Cromar plz make some more of these I just recently bought SWTOR and built my own pc b/c of TGNs videos you guys made the game look so good I'm leveling up with some friends but we noticed nobody plays the game anymore Wtf!

Author — Manuel Rai


Use focus target to keep track of your friend. And increase the size of the ops hp bars to 40-50%, so you can see them.

Author — MrTeggz


I wonder if the TGN guys even still play Swtor.

Author — Onyx Knight


can you move your characters from one server to another?

Author — Kryptdomi


is there a reason you use that explosion aoe a lot? ive noticed its a big waste on ammo for the damage it does... you can meteor for twice the dmg each tick for the same ammo cost, just a suggestion

Author — MSG4Jackiemoon


@kpatt2006 guardians and juggernauts can do a shit load of damage in the higher levels if you spec properly.

Author — FootBallChannel101


Guys, why don't you and Hengest go to Twitch and start streaming??? You'd have a lot of people watching you... not too many good streams with vanguards and knights out there and you guys are known to be good so....just a suggestion :)

Author — DariusBlack


that the same Dara Mactire of WoW fame on that double kill? Two big guild names going head to head there. What server is this by the way?

Author — Kreetyn04


Less than 100k damage in both Huttball and Alderaan. In Huttball, that is passable but in Alderaan that's just pitiful. Check out Taugrim! That dude knows what he's doing.

Author — Kevin Knapp


I wanna play this game just to test it out, but i don't know ANYONE that has this. RELEASE A FREE TRIAL ALREADY!!!

Author — TehSqueakySniper


how can you play like that cromar?:O the camera is so close to you. not only that, but the viewing experience is kinda off with that camera angle ;/

Author — Jahrern


@kpatt2006 those guardians you see dont know how to play compared to hengest

Author — Ripshame


This is a very dangerous combination.

Author — proto·vegan


Guard is great and all but I think Taunts are better. Then again, I'm a DPS Asassin. I spam my AoE Taunt and Single Taunt everytime I get the chance, especially when in a big team fight. I end up getting 15k+ protection points easy, 7-8 medals every game. It surprises me though that not a lot of tanks use taunt in PvP, it's such a great skill.

Author — Lee Fon