Can we blow off these PEX fittings? Sharkbite vs Viega vs Uponor

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Can we blow off these PEX fittings? Sharkbite vs Viega vs Uponor 4
Merry Christmas Build Show Friends! I was wondering the other day how much pressure a PEX fitting might withstand before it pops off, so I had Jordan make me a test rig! In this video we are testing Sharkbite Push To Connect fittings, Viega fittings, Uponor fittings, and two types of crimped Sharkbite PEX fittings with a rig that goes up to 14,000 psi! The results sure surprised us. Enjoy this special Christmas edition of The Build Show!
-Matt Risinger
Risinger & Co in Austin, TX
Instagram @RisingerBuild

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I like the concept of this comparison test; but the methodology was all wrong. Since the goal of the test was to test fittings; the following should have been done.

1. The pipe length should have been no more than 6" with all pipes being the same length.

2. Each pipe/fitting sample should have been tested individually as the survivors are weakened from the previous tests.

3. Although the hydraulic power pack is capable of 10, 000 PSI or more, a separate gauge in the 1, 000 PSI rating should have been used as there is no way any of these items would get anywhere close to 1, 000 PSI, let alone 10, 000 PSI. A 1, 000 PSI gauge would probably have the failure points register in the middle 1/3 range of the gauge, which if I recall correctly is the most accurate.

4. Copper, PVC and CPVC should have also been included as the control samples for the PEX to meet or beat.

Author — mjncad


the one thing you did manage to show is how to not seal threaded fittings :)

Author — throttle bottle


Gotta test this with 120 degree fluid in the pipes, and a gauge that’s useful.

Author — justin coon


Could be interesting but completely worthless without a pressure gauge to know at what point these fail.

Author — Bill Burdell


I’d definitely love to see a test where the pressure of failure was recorded.

Author — Bryan Standley


But, how much pressure did each line held before blowing.

Author — Jose Cuesta


Refer the “Project Farm” YouTube channel for all your properly controlled testing methods.

Author — Landon Gooding


Also be great to compare crimped copper joints vs a solder joint.

Author — shawn d


Why no gauge on the manifold? You can swap gauges that would highlight the pressure of failures depending on the test.

Author — duweydang


A thought would be for the future, put a hydraulic ball valve between your manifold and your test hose or fitting. When it fails simply shut the ball valve off and continue with your test

Author — YT


This is actually encouraging in my mind since I converted all my galvanized to pex.

Author — Crwth Ghiikilzic


For someone who calls himself a building “scientist” he isn’t very good at science.

Author — towjam37


Aside from the slide on Sharkbite, this test has nothing to do with which brand of fitting can withstand the most pressure. It's misleading to rank the fitting based on this test.

Author — Mufflerbelt


I’m feeling good about using the crimp rings.. they held just as good as the others.

Author — 1806StoneHouse


This was more about the PEX than the fitting...

Author — Genecop Coppola


A pressure test without a pressure gauge. Couple of geniuses here.

Author — brussell639


The first connection was loose. IT BLEW AT THE BOTTOM NOT THE TOP!!!

Author — *****


These type fittings typically do not fail under pressure. Failure will most likely be from water hammer and pipe / fitting vibration. Test under low pressure and in a vibration setting and you should start to see failures.

Author — Larry Sefton


"There's no real-world takeaway here."

Still a fun video to watch.

Author — Prescott Perez-Fox


oh matt! you beat me to this one! i was in middle of editing the video i filmed on this exact thing! i filmed this video a couple weeks ago love your channel brother! keep up the amazing videos!

Author — Plumbing Ranch