New York Mud Flood

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New York Mud Flood 4.5
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UAP (as conferred by my subs) stands for Underrated Actual Physicist. I’m Orthodox in faith and technologically inclined by profession, but my nature here is rebellious... it usually lines up with the traditional wisdom of Church Fathers, and knowledge of the Ancients by way of THE scientific method;
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I’m making videos at a rate of about one per day,
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Any subject that is fascinating, extraordinary, uncommonly known but very useful, and true, I demand answers about official stuff I don’t want misrepresented by popular science, first by researching it myself, then by spewing forth my own wild conjecture, and finally seeing how myends up being correct more often than I expect.

My analysis includes humor, but is serious about finding the observable+ repeatable+ reproducible data that IS fact, especially when the Bible has given us the right direction, inspiration, and corroborating testimonials.

Even more when these Orthodox ideas have been systematically contradicted and suppressed only by widespread belief in popularly conjectured hypotheses. These things are my targets of opportunity.

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Materials used are chosen sources for reporting the best in research from around the world as UAP deigns to question the narratives of science by consensus. When it comes to “the givens” of our increasingly misguided teachings of science, I reject the premise!

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They said they did not lie about a few things. They said they lied about everything

Author — T Pain


Is that why they call themselves freemasons? The infrastructure was already there for em, so they were free not to have to build anything more than just to claim em

Author — Louis Montagne


Tower of babel.

Everything is layered down upon everything else. From the very ground we believe we walk on to the very building what we believe society to be.
No one can ever tell you what a simple piece rock is. No one!

Author — Imaginary Point


I wonder how much of the push to "discover" the western "hemisphere" was about gold vs finding starforts to build over/obscure?

Author — scott merrow


Hidden in plain sight...loving your homework, , , appreciate what you show us.

Author — tin soldier


Psychologically this stuff effs people up.
If we all learned psychology in school to better prepare ourselves for "reality" many people wouldn't crumble under the pressure, problem is though they don't want you to know about psychology growing up because us all as students would soon know how we're all being manipulated by the establishment.

Author — Steven James


There is evidence in America, Australia and many cities in the UK that entire streets that have been buried..or built upon andbthe official explanation is that the local authorities wanted to raise the street level. I made a video of it. Fascinating what sits beneath our feet!!

Author — AwaitingWisdom


Manchester England is built on much older buildings beneath from what I have seen.

Author — Lord of the Mundane


I’m glad you’re discussing the mud flood topic. There really is some substantial evidence supporting it, and from what I can tell it probably is the most recent “disaster” that shaped our current world and its geography/topography.

Author — Yu Suk Mi Hof


He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.
Revelation 2:17 KJV

Author — martyisabeliever


Pre flood tech was beyond modern day technologies.

Author — Arch Stanton


1911 when Titanic sank, aboard were very wealthy men, Astor was backing a inventor who like Tesla could make electric power from earths electric grid, with his death the project was closed down by JP Morgan's people, JP Morgan was also the builder of the Titanic and I believe the sinking was also done by him, he just happened to not be on that great ship he built. Anyway..the Mudd is very deep indeed.

Author — Terry Moore


Really amazing stuff. I keep thinking about how I either walk by or see these buildings and pictures. Never thought a thing about it. Why they built in that way or what they might entail.

The thing is, I come from a family that lived in an isolated area for almost two centuries. Heree in the United States. They stayed together and there was continuity of History among them. They like to tell stories. No one has ever told stories like this. Not about mud. Not about anything.

I know about the know-nothings. The town my mother came from was called no business. It was a play on the know-nothings. Only they were Irish. I don't know what's going on, but something has happened and I would like to know what that was.

Author — ConstantCompanion


13:28 that s a powerful statement : I realised after that : they do all for that we don't research : they offer to us "truth" on a silver plate, but it take time to realise that ALL is lies in order that we don't think or.. as you said : research.

Author — Rémi B. Goode


Central park was originally a black was destroyed to hide what was already there

Author — Just Leslie


Ever notice how Mud Flood videos actually never get to a solid point? Give an actual timeline? They just show you pictures of buildings and ramble. I'm fascinated by it. The videos themselves are the "mud flood". All the sudden they're everywhere, and they're murky AF.

Author — Capt. Cutler


After watxhing a netflix show lol ive noticed projects cost alot and dont get done maybe have some sort of money laundry going on. I dont have proof of this just a thought. Thanks

Author — Manny Simo


The cows is the only animal that can derail a train. If you get the bones of the cow between the wheal and the rail, the train derails immediately. That's why the cow is the most dangerous animal around the train tracks!

Author — Milcu Robert


Thankyou very much for your time and insight UAP. It often seems that most are still completely asleep, though the other day at the dentist i was told about half the patients request no fluoride now!!

Author — Jeffrey Haynes


I love this stuff. Your videos are awesome and amazing. Thank you.

Author — NewWhirledOrder