No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) - Jonathan David and Melissa Helser | We Will Not Be Shaken

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No Longer Slaves (Official Lyric Video) - Jonathan David and Melissa Helser | We Will Not Be Shaken 5

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Author — Worship Songs


I'm no longer a slave to weed addiction
Im a child of God

Author — Samuel Ndegwa


I will not let breast cancer take away from Gods glory. I am no longer a slave to fear! Thank you Amen.

Author — S J


Who else is listening to this song in August 2020??
God is good

Author — Geoff Majawa


I am no longer a slave to people's Judgement
I am no longer a slave to always trying to be popular
I am no longer a slave to being scared to speak my mind
I am no longer a slave to being scared to share the gospel
I am no longer a slave to caring what people think
I am *NO* longer a slave to Fear
I am my own mind, style, personality talents and I won't change for anyone Besides GOD
I am a Child Of GOD

Author — Lucid_Love Slowed_down


Just yesterday I found out am having arthritis and age of 25, have been crying in my room since then but I remembered this song back 2012 when i discovered I'm HIV positive when 17yrs this song gave me strength and energy to live again. Am no longer a slave of HIV/Aids and athraitis again. Please give me like if you believe I will live because we are Child of God. No more pain and suffering again.

Author — nikky micky


I’m 14 and this is literally the only Christian song I love. This song touches me every time

Author — Stripy_sniggle _snagg


I’m asking anyone for prayers for my uncle. He has covid and had been on the ventilator for 4 weeks now. We are praying for a miracle. Please for a miracle and please pray for peace for my aunty. My uncle is only 40 and has 2 boys at home. God we are bagging you for a miracle. God give me strength as well for my family.

Author — Isaiah Olona


Am no longer a slave to prostitution, anxiety, hatred, poverty,spiritual husband's, demons am a child of God

Author — Nakawoya Rose


Who is listening in 2020 October. Today is my birthday and I am so thankful for God, that he have chosen me and save me. I'm no longer slave to fear, to feel weakness. I'm a cutest little child of my Father!! 😇

Author — Komuz Saikal Bekbolot


I want to see those who are listening to this song during the Quarantine

Author — Effa Bassey


Hi, I would like to share my personal testimony. I was forming a line on the first day of high school when suddenly I had a feeling of falling backwards losing control of my body, I woke up in an armchair surrounded by the principal, my teachers and my parents scared and crying.
They rushed me to the emergency room and doctor gave me an MRI . I was diagnosed with a congenital cerebral arteriovenous malformation(AVM)-an abnormal tangle of blood vessels which ruptured and caused bleed on the brain , that's why I lost consciousness.
Therefore, doctor prescribed me Epamin(anticonvulsant) to take three times per day, which helped me to avoid fainting and severe daily headaches. I knew that I had to take my pills for my rest of life, but there were times when I forgot it, so I fainted at any time or place depending on the help of strangers. I remember when I was on bus on my way to the university to take an exam and unexpectally I fainted when I woke up I saw everyone looked at me strangenly I ‘d been unconscious for one hour .Thankfully the man, who was sitting next to me, helped me to get off the bus and called my parents to take me emergency.
Until one day, I heard on the radio about the healing miracles of Jesus, I decided to attend the Christian church, they taught me the word of God and I gave my life to Jesus.I had faith and decided to depend on God not on pills It’s like I walking on the sea in the middle of a storm . I knew that the Lord would guard my steps in the unknown.From that day on I had faith in Jesus and decided not to take pills anymore and got rid of pills, believed that God would only sustain me and guard every step He is walking with me every step of the way.
Then a miracle happened :Jesus healed me¡. Nowadays I am healed and healthy, I don’t have bleeding and headaches anymore, It’s has been 6 years since God healed me I don’t faint anymore because of his grace. God is faithful and powerful.Praise the Lord¡
So I can say that God is real, he is alive , he is miracle-worker, he transforms lives, he can make the impossible possible God heals, liberates, restores, forgives and transforms life. I invite you that if you are going through any problem or illness, come to Jesus he is the solution, decide to believe all his glory will be revealed in your life in a supernatural way. God says to you “I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”(Isaiah 41:10), “For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13)

Author — yeeina herrera


Who else is listening this song September 2020, am a child of God ♥️

Author — may may


Dear person who is reading this, I was a chronic sufferer of these things:
vanity, lust, lying, cruel intentions, smoking marijuana, sexual immorality, pride, depression, sadness, anger, slander, gossip, drunkenness, profane language, cowardice ways, idolatry, pornography, impure thoughts .. PARTYING AND THE WORST OF ALL, a fornicator and adultress!!!! And everything else that you could
BUT IM HERE TODAY TO TELL YOU THAT YOU WILL OVERCOME AND GOD WILL CHANGE YOU WHEN YOU START TO BELIEVE!!! Jesus needs you to come to himin humbleness and pray in your room ALONE to Him and CONFESS TO HIM that you have sinned against Him in ALL your ways... It's okay to speak them out loud it's only you and Him there... Ask Him to Come into your heart, that you want to receive the Blood He shed for you and The Holy Spirit and He will give it to you! Repent and stop all the sins and then Pickup your cross and walk with Him! With all the sincerest meaning in your heart Jesus Will come in and Save you! Time is running out and He is looking for you to Change! If you take that one step then all you need left is to get baptized in water! His Holy seal will be on you! But there is more... You must then fight in your mind against the flesh and the enemy who will try tempting you to get back to the mess he wants you in .. DONT GIVE UP ! fight the Good Fight and kick that selfishness and start living selfless! You will know God is With you because the enemy will be threatened and then the battle begins... You will then start having to say no all the time to everything the evil one will send your way to get you to sin! But when you notice that, you then Pray pray pray! I'm telling you this because it happened to me! And everyday I have to pray to keep my mind on Jesus and keep my thoughts pure and my eyes looking up to Heaven! From a person who was at her worst, I can now tell you that I am waayyy better than I have ever been ALL BECAUSE OF JESUS CHRIST WHO TOLD ME TO SIN NO MORE!!! I THIS DAY AM TELLING YOU THAT JESUS CHRIST IS MY SAVIOR AND HE SAVED ME FROM OUT OF THE DEPTHS OF THE DARK PITS AND HE IS WITH ME. HE IS STILL WORKING ON ME TO THIS DAY! through all my sin and most recent backsliding I am now back completely and NEVER LOOKING BACK, God showed me that He can and will take his spirit away if I didn't go back home to him.... He kept calling me at that time and then I kept acting like I didn't hear Him... I was wrong for that and to this day I still feel that all the sorries and forgive me prayers in the world I prayed were not enough, that Jesus stayed mad at me... But I know that is the enemy and He is mad because I left the darkness and went back to the Light, it IS a battle and He lost, so naturally the evil one is attacking my mind.... But I'm NOT AFRAID AND I know Jesus is with me because I stopped sinning and went back to prayer and I can resist evil all by God's power, for I can't do this alone!!! Dear reader, YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!!!!

Dear Jesus Christ,
I love you... I THANK YOU for showing me that YOU are able and YOU kept me away from destroying what you have built in me AGAIN! THANK YOU for my life again, THANK YOU for the help Of the Holy Spirit to resist evil, THANK YOU for prayer, THANK YOU for the CONVICTION that I so need!!! THANK YOU FOR NEVER TAKING YOUR HAND OFF ME JESUS!!!! I claim victory over the enemy in Jesus name AMEN!!



I am no longer a slave to porn and money.

Author — Lovely Child


i want you to listen to this, when you are battling fear, depression, anxiety
1. do not fear
2.stand against devil bcoz god has given us authority
when you are about to start praying the devil says that you are a sinner, so god is not going to listen to your prayer BUT DONT LISTEN . GOD IS FRIEND OF SINNERS BUT NOT SIN


Author — New Version


September 2020 am here because am no longer a slave to fear am a child of God 🙌🙌🙌
Thank you GOD for Jesus Christ!

Knowing Christ is the best decision ever.

Author — Morah Ogochukwu


2 October 2020, listening to this song.I am no longer a slave to fear cz I am a child of God. 🙏fear is not my portion

Author — Nyasha Nyoni


I’m no longer a slave to anxieties, worries and fears, I am a child of God

Author — Didi Smith


Why I sob every time I hear this song👇🏿
I would have been an aborted waste, but despite my mother’s desire to do so by taking pills 💊 for almost 6 weeks, hear I am...a living miracle😢. I have 100% confidence to say I am his child! If I was helpless in my mother’s womb but God fought and won that battle for me, who can defeat me now?

“From my mother’s womb, you have chosen me. Your love has called my name!” —be blessed brethren💙

Author — Timothy Ramsey •Christian Channel•