Airbus BelugaXL - Making of

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Airbus BelugaXL - Making of 4.5

Media footage by Airbus showing the #MakingOf #Airbus #BelugaXL

"The no. 1 BelugaXL advances through its assembly process in an accelerated video clip from Airbus’ industrial facilities in the Toulouse, France region. Derived from the A330 jetliner, this airlifter is scheduled to enter service in mid-2019, carrying complete sections of Airbus aircraft from European production sites to the final assembly lines in France and Germany.

The BelugaXL was launched in November 2014 to address the transport and ramp-up capacity requirements for Airbus beyond 2019. Derived from the freighter version of Airbus’ A330-200 jetliner, the BelugaXL is six metres longer, one metre wider and has a payload lifting capacity four-tonnes-greater than the current Beluga A300-600ST. To be operated by the Airbus Transport International (ATI) subsidiary, the fleet of five BelugaXLs will take over transporting complete sections of Airbus aircraft among the company’s production sites around Europe and to final assembly lines in France, Germany and Spain."

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I thought that they just re painted the previous haha

This is a joke pls dont hate

Author — Nathan Rezzies Second Channel


I just love the nice big Dolphin Smile

Author — Ian Hobbs


INCRIVEL ADOREI é um avião comercial ?

Author — Conceicao Modelli


Is beluga is inside the another beluga

Author — jansi rani


XL Means extra large means bigger than dreamlifter

Author — EintheMarx


Honestly, this has spectacular footage. But my eyes hurt because as soon as they focus on any one part (and theres a lot to see), then the scene changes. Crikey moses! Slow it done by 1second, and it'll be mightily improved.

Author — LitoGeorge


a Beluga that transport pieces of a Beluga

Author — Davide Parisi


They make planes to deliver planes to make them

Author — Sarah Farhat


Very nice video ... thank you for sharing

Author — Annapaola Grandini


they transported a beluga inside a beluga..

Author — Felicity Bali