Revenge Series: Verzide vs Topu (9 Potted)

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

I didn't wanna give this random fame but he's gaining views off my name so I had to put him in his place and let people know this clown is actual garbage. Sadly only got to duel him 3 times cuz he logged off after I 9 potted him 😥

►Twitter: @Verzide
►Snapchat: ezguap

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anyone else think that Verzide puts the absolute best music in his vids for PvP. In my opinion the music is perfect.

Author — LaundrySyrup


"I dont wanna give this random fame"

*Proceeds to hit 1 million views on this vid alone*

Author — V


Casper TNG : how many songs you wanna from us ?

Verzide : yes

Author — Julliam


Those combos were good stuff! loved it man.

Author — Xx_Sparkz309_xX


I love you Verzide keep up the good work one day you will make it to 1 mil with your work, and you will be super! Good job Verzide

Author — Iqra Iqra


Topu is a good player

But Verzide is a God

Author — BogdanN7


Love how everytime you loose you always come up with an excuse

Author — I play games cus i do it


The reason why Topu got raped on that one combo was because verzide was aiming on the perfect angle of the hit box, which if you do that, then you get insane combos.

Author — nature


In Verzide 's and every other mineman pvpers book, revenge = clicking on someone on a screen. REVENGE, SWEET REVENGE!

Author — DaddyMeeka


Verzide left a legacy being known as the best pvper. Ever.

Author — Spoons96


pls dont quit you are best youtuber, and you have like 200k views your channel is perfect 👌

Author — McBlue Tv


topu: easy verzide down
verzide: these fights were at like 3am and when my girlfriend was naked so i can't focus at the game

Author — Depressives


Why do you only have 42k subs u deserve 200k ur the best pvper

Author — Gurshaan Sidhu


Verzide the type of pvper to get called a hacker by a hacker

Author — electricbill


Pasan los años y este pibe no enpeora ni mejora sabes que es lo mejor ? que nadie llega a su altura <3

Author — Carlos Cerecetto


If you get a 5hit combo on ipro im impressed xd

Author — Panda333_PVPツ


Watching Verzide kicking cocky ass is fun.

Author — Kakashi


Verzide, Your the best pot PvP'er that exist so far!

Author — telb


1 month later - 100k views. You are a very talented player and editor, keep up the quality content

Author — Stuart Waller


Its clear that verzide uses some kind of aura and aimassit because he clearly has hitbox expand

Author — Kaze