FPX vs RNG Highlights ALL GAMES | LPL Playoffs GRAND FINAL Spring 2021 | FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal

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FPX vs RNG Highlights Game 1, Game 2, Game 3, Game 4, Game 5, ALL GAMES | LPL Playoffs GRAND FINAL Spring 2021 | FunPlus Phoenix vs Royal

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Yo other than these players’ performances that crowd is a fucking blessing. Haven’t heard cheering since 2019 man I missed it.

Author — rezaL


This was basically a competition between Nuguri and Ming to see who could carry the hardest. Only that in Game 4 Nuguri realized the backpack was too heavy and got tilted off his mind.

Author — Stefano Tedesco


Holy shit Gala and Ming are absolutely cracked. Phenomenal split from RNG, well deserved championship. I must admit, I’m a little disappointed we won’t get to see Nuguri play against DWG at MSI but it should still be a hype tournament! Good time to be a fan of league!

Author — Jacob Celmer


Public Service Announcement:
Do not listen to this broadcast with headphones and turn your hearing aid off.

Man, the casters were on fire!🔥

Author — Mike Lytou


Kaza makes Heca + Zilean E + Ghost + Support Shurelyas looks like a turtle

Author — Gabo Chard


Gala is on i hope uzi will watch this

Author — princezMeister


The Gala pentakill in game 3 is the best pentakill I have ever seen.. The series essentially boiled down to Nuguri + DoinB for FPX vs Gala + Ming + Tian for RNG

Author — Mohan Viswanathan


Nuguri was so insane in Game 2, keeping FPX close to RNG. #BanGala too OP!!!

Author — IceFrosterz


caster was insane this series. Gave me goosebumps everytime

Author — ali tekin


19:17 "call an ambulance but not for me" lmfao

Author — Piotrek


I’m so happy the LPL is gaining more popularity. The lpl has been kind of a fiesta in the last years but since 2018 they have been a real contender of a region. It’s really cool to see it grow and gain the traction it has gained.

Author — iiChuyyy


Watching this after watching LCS + LEC I am sooo worried for the west

Author — Micah Madrid


That crowd tho, giving me more goosebumps everytime there's outplays and loud cheerings

Author — lance


18:09 when i forget the name of that sand character in naruto and someone reminds me

Author — majilaii ao ieong


damn the crowd's cheers and screams are just nostalgic

Author — Jven


It's been ages since I've heard a crowd in a professional LoL match, didn't know how much I missed it.

This final. Is. INSANE.

Author — sandeboe


Lmao, Nuguri wondering if DWG would take him back. Wishing his bot lane could at least be half as good as Ghost and Beryl. GG for Gala and Ming though, making Uzi proud with those insane clutch plays.

Author — David M


This finals is making me having goosebumps

Author — Haziq Helmy


Gala and Ming were insane, unfortunately only Doinb and Nuguri felt like they were actually trying to win this series from the side of FPX, the rest didn't perform that well, especially LWX

Author — Zaid Elaymat


Dear god wtf💀💀💀 Nuguri and Gala wtf💀💀💯

Author — Jesse John