Corsi to Tucker: Mueller wanted me to lie

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Corsi to Tucker: Mueller wanted me to lie 5
Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi filed 78-page 'criminal and ethics' complaint against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now, he's speaking out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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Interesting. Hillary got to wipe out 33, 000 emails of her collusion to the Russians Scott-Free.

Автор — davenetdog


Mueller should be thrown in jail by the time this is all over

Автор — 6 E Q U J 5


Mueller is a lying rat!! Trump 2020🇺🇸

Автор — Nelli Torre


Mueller is a punk. Time for victims of his which hunt to fight back. Good job Corsi.



How is it when Hillary can't recall anything that's ok. This type of crap is why Trump is President. Now he just needs an attorney general who has massively extra large balls and will prosecute the real nut bags.

Автор — Jesse Strange


Ok, ..if it's proven that Corsi is telling the truth and the "independent and un-biased council" Mueller is asking people to lie, ..shut the fricken thing down. It's a kangaroo court. Mueller and his henchmen should be charged with crimes against the state, president and constitution.

Автор — TraceandJackie Walker


All because uncivil hilLIARy and her deepstate rat cronies lost the election.

Автор — Magnum Mountaineer


Yet Hillary walks free, just for starters

Автор — Brent Thompson


Didn't Mueller deliver Uranium to Putin?
Why doesn't he investigate himself?

Автор — PhantomoftheInterwebz


but they gave Hillary and all her cronies immediate immunity...…………..when there were numerous felonies and

Автор — Bobby Bellingham


Heinrich Müller hard at work at Gestapo headquarters. The FBI is now the Waffen SS.
Where did America go?

Автор — NOT a Dim/Turd


Muller needs to go to Gitmo. The rat is absolutely corrupt and he’s trying to cover up for the Uranium one deal that he, Barack and the Clintons are part of. How much longer are we the people going to put up with the Muller witch-hunt? Americans are sent to jail for-life for far less crimes. They are only doing to us what we are allowing them to do.

Автор — Dog World


Mueller is a Traitor and needs to be executed!

Автор — Axel Schmidt


This all reminds me of the Inquisition!!

Автор — Picasso Kat Treasures


This Mueller stuff is totally off the tracks....

Автор — Robert Sparkes


Sounds like FBI taking notes from crooked Democrats Playbook

Автор — RC Nut


Seems like the DBI (Democratic Bureau of Intimidation) is alive and well.

Автор — Jim Jr44


Ftgures. This witchhunt needs to ne shut DOWN!!!

Автор — Monty O'Toole


Mueller is DEEP STATE... Of course he is biased and crooked!!!

Автор — Bob Anderson


Mueller is using tactics typically reserved for mafia bosses and drug cartel kingpins...only he's using these tactics against every day Americans who have broken NO laws. After this is over, I hope his prosecutorial misconduct will be fully investigated, and I hope his investigators use EXACTLY the same tactics against him that he has used against so many innocent people.

Автор — AndTheCorrectAnswerIs