Corsi to Tucker: Mueller wanted me to lie

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Corsi to Tucker: Mueller wanted me to lie 5
Roger Stone associate Jerome Corsi filed 78-page 'criminal and ethics' complaint against Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now, he's speaking out on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight.'

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Interesting. Hillary got to wipe out 33, 000 emails of her collusion to the Russians Scott-Free.

Author — davenetdog


All because uncivil hilLIARy and her deepstate rat cronies lost the election.

Author — Magnum Mountaineer


How is it when Hillary can't recall anything that's ok. This type of crap is why Trump is President. Now he just needs an attorney general who has massively extra large balls and will prosecute the real nut bags.

Author — Jesse Strange


I'm very sure, from the beginning, everything was a circus a cover up for Clinton, and the rest of the élite, they think we're stupid, with the technology not anymore.

Author — Morena Lainez


I can always imagine Mueller in a Germany SS uniform.

Author — Over the edge


For the jive turkeys, it was Bill Clinton whose draft number was called....he escaped going when others had to go.

Author — S Barger


What an absolute joke and abuse of power.

Author — Eric Gibson


Yet Hillary walks free, just for starters

Author — Tank Tank


Heinrich Müller hard at work at Gestapo headquarters. The FBI is now the Waffen SS.
Where did America go?

Author — NOT a Dim/Turd


Mueller is a punk. Time for victims of his which hunt to fight back. Good job Corsi.



It's terrible that Mueller asks people to lie. It wouldn't be the first time he does that. It's completely illigal so clearly Mueller thinks he's above the law. Lock Mueller up and DRAIN-THE-SWAMP.

Author — tamimerkaz


This Mueller stuff is totally off the tracks....

Author — Robert Sparkes


Mueller should be thrown in jail by the time this is all over

Author — 6 E Q U J 5


Seems like the DBI (Democratic Bureau of Intimidation) is alive and well.

Author — Jim Jr44


He can’t find any collusion, so his only hope is to get everyone into a rabbit hole and nail them for perjury

Author — MMAFighter38


*On February 11, 2003, Robert Mueller lied before Congress:* _“Baghdad has failed to disarm its weapons of mass destruction, willfully attempting to evade and deceive the international community. Our particular concern is that Saddam Hussein may supply terrorists with biological, chemical, or radiological material.”_

Author — AeroPwnX


It's time to put Mueller in jail. He is abusing his power beyond belief.

Author — Greg Norris


Didn't Mueller deliver Uranium to Putin?
Why doesn't he investigate himself?

Author — PhantomoftheInterwebz


Thank u sir for following the Word and being so truthful!!! My oh my we sure don't get to see this honesty these days!!!

Author — Marie Russell


This all reminds me of the Inquisition!!

Author — Picasso Kat Treasures