SPEED [스피드] - What U 안무영상(Dance Practice)

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SPEED [스피드] - What U 안무영상(Dance Practice) 5
SPEED [스피드] - What U 안무영상(Dance Practice)

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"New Group to Stan! "
*5 Minutes later*

Author — bang chan's babygirl uwu


It should be against the law to make me fall in love with a group thats incredibly talented and unique and then tell my ass they disbanded. Fml.

Author — TæhyungChim


Me: FINALLY a new boy group I can stan and love

**reads the comments**

Me: Goddamnit not again

Author — Namjoon’s perfect. Fight me


Okay i love all the big groups like BTS, EXO, Got7, etc. but i do not understand how Speed didn't become as big as them. Like i said i love all the other big groups but if you were to ask me if i liked this choreo over any other choreo i would choose this! They are so talented and this was so different than anything ive ever seen!

Author — Al ValRod


*I got to know that SPEED disbanded on the same day I found them on youtube. It just broke my heartu. They had everything a good KPOP group needs. Strong vocals, good rappers, catchy music, awesome dancers, brilliant choreography and they are all visuals. They are so hardworking. Why the hell were they disbanded!? Their songs were released years ago but they would make kpop fans go crazy even if were released in this era with proper publicity and promotions!*
*I'm BTS fan, they brought me into kpop but I'm pretty sure I would have loved SPEED more*

Author — Palak


I wonder how many times they fell by just WALKING with theses shoes lmao

Author — Alc Shot


It's so cool how they roll back to formation

Author — Melissa Flores


This whole thing is ridiculously smooth

Author — TheyCallMeLiz


They should go on kbs's idol rebooting show the unit. they deserve a 2nd chance T^T

Author — EXO-L XBACK


'Till this day there has not been another group that amazed me so much with their choreos as SPEED did. It's not just they tried something unique, unconventional and extremly challenging (from their acrobatic stunts in Don't tease me to this choreo with the freaking heelys that I can't even walk in) but they also capture the mood and feelings of the song perfectly. The choreo does not just contain trendy and flashy moves like a lot of other choreographies do these days but they are very unconventional and designed specially for the song and concept. Like, just remember Zombie Party. That dance was so good. Honestly, the people behind SPEED's choreographies need so much credit. Also, all SPEED members are incredibly good dancers. They have so much energy and great team work which is important in a group performance.
I'm just so mad at MBK to let such a talented group disband. They really had it all. Great vocalists (Jongkook's high notes still blow me away and Jongwoo's sweet voice is just ♥) outstanding rappers (y'all don't get me started at how much I love Taewoon, Sejun and Sungmin one of the most diverse and unique rap line I know) and freaking amazing dancers (Taeha my smol but super energetic bean and Yuhwan with his killer acrobatic skills). Really this group's situation just pains me so much. They deserved so much better.
Ugh I could rant all day about how MBK fucked up one of the group with the most potential ever and that this group should have sky-rocketed to the top.

Author — DreamyCassie


Whoever thought of them dancing with FREAKING HEELYS is a freaking They did so good, it was so smooth and not to mention that song was amazing... gotta be one of my favorites alltogether💜💜💜

Author — Cayla Marie


This group could've been the best. Damn. Makes me sad. Mad. Everything.

Author — NekoGrace 79


-Meanwhile in the studio*


Author — Isaac


Literally Speed x Heelies or whatever the hell these shoes are called is the best thing ever. Someone needs to GET THEM BACK TOGETHER AND GIVE THESE BOYS HOVERBOARDS

Author — a c


For those who are saying they could've been like BTS
They were already better than BTS
Their vocals on points, their dancing above perfection...
They could've been kpop representative group to the world but ...

Author — B1A4 Chandeuul


I think we can all collectively agree that this was the best concept ever and it needs to be done again.

Author — Christina


this is the best concept that i've ever seen. really. and i'm so upset that i know this group today when this group has been disband.

Author — eomukgurl


"What you do to release stress"

Others: go outside and hang out
Me: *show them this video*

Author — 마루


So, what was the story behind this? Who didn't promote them? Why did they disband? WHY CAN'T I BE THAT BADASS?!

Author — Raven Holy


Dude... I just found these guys like 2 minutes ago and i was like "OMG I must know who they are and watch more of them".... then I check the comments. My heart.... owww :(

Author — Lissa111