Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul

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  • ℹ️ Published 16 years ago

Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul.

(includes remixes from Dusty Kid, TV Rock Crookers and Hipp-E)

AVH follows 'NYC Beat' with 'I Want Your Soul', taken from his Ghettoblaster album, out in the UK on 3rd September 2007.

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Wicked good song. I can't get it out of my head. Love the retro styles as well.

Let's party like it's 1992!

Author — patiodee


tak moi kochani bo to są te beaty których sie słuchało 10 lat temu a one nadal sa swietne i to one powoli formowały wspolczesny house
dziekujemy armand!

Author — Robert T.


Armand is so talented. Trance, house, groove, he can do it all!

Author — Tony K


This is one of the most requested song i get when im doing a party or something Sounds great on the decks

Author — liam james


The fact that he can make a sound that is so reminiscent of 80s/ early 90s house in 07' and it be this popular is a testament to how sick house used to be. Great tune by a great.

Author — fugazii


One of my favourite dance tracks. Armend Van Helden your a star and for my girl Jade I want your soul.

Author — Mark Rodin


I just love the idea of bringing the 80's, early 90's like this. AVH with ''I want your soul'' and ''Into your eyes'', Cedric with ''Party all the time'', Utha Saints with ''Something good'', and many more...

Author — Claudio Monteiro


LOVE THIS SONG. So bouncy and enjoyable especially when you are a bit down.

Author — tinybesto


Seriously i've been listening this song for about a month now, cant get it out of my head....pure perfection!

Author — Jernej Pavlič


Catchy! Armand Van Helden's still rocking it out after more than a decade in the music game!

Author — SoSoHot23


damn i cant get it out of my head, mind.... too good song!!!

Author — Ivan Bilić


i love this song it has such an old school feel to it awesome

Author — KJbourne17


The two heavily used samples in this track are from "Do You Want It Right Now" by Siedah Garrett and Everything Counts by Depeche Mode.

Author — Zen933k


Such good feelings when I hear this... Makes me wanna get up and dance lol

Author — THE SIU FAM


Absolutely brilliant still when listening and looking back fifteen years later. Specifically the visuals and graphics between 1:02 and 1:06 are just beyond 💓

Author — weefees


"i want ya, oh iwant your soul, do you want it right now, oh icant let go.." ..definetly reflecting early 90s soul, cool outfits from 90s, urban style stereo cassette players..just amazing, great job Armand!

Author — okan ayhan


you can just listen to it hours and hours.. sensational tune. And i truely mean that. Because this music digs everybody.. even hardcore metalists :D

Author — lafmuf


Thanks AVH for making me feel the 90's again!

Author — Braz


LOOVE this song so bad! Armand Van Helden is such a ledgend! love all of his songs!!! xxx

Author — Joanne De Souza


I love this song to pieces! It is my anthem!
Go Armand! etc.

Author — If The Beat Fits