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Geography Now! NETHERLANDS 5
Who knew that being so low could keep your head held up so high?

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Welcome to Geography Now! This is the first and only Youtube Channel that actively attempts to cover profiles on every single country of the world. We are going to do them alphabetically so be patient if you are waiting for one that's down the road.

Stay cool Stay tuned and remember, this is Earth, your home. Learn about it.

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The lowest elevation in Europe yet tallest people in the world. Welcome to the land that...MAKES its own land. The place where water is your biggest enemy and friend. Europe's interesting, meticulous, yet a little crazy and adventurous son, the #NETHERLANDS.
-...Oh and for the record, that random dude is Hannah's little brother.

Author — Geography Now


Kan julle Nederlanders my Afrikaans verstaan? Like as jy doen

Author — Jan Van Riebeeck



Netherlands: *ik ga deze man’s hele carrière eindigen*

Author — Nickyhasnolife


Dutch people: Is pronouncing Dutch words right really that hard?
American people: Yes
Dutch people: K i n d e r c a r n a v a l s o p t o c h t v o o r b e r e i d i n g s w e r k z a a m h e d e n

Author — Emily


England: Steal country
Amerika: Steal country
Netherlands: Make country

Author — DeGinger Levi


North sea: *exists*
Netherlands: it’s free real estate

Author — Lol XD


The tallest mountain in the Netherlands are the people.

Author — Bixelkoven


Te prettiest thing of the Netherlands is "BeLaStInGdiEnSt".

Author — Geert wilders


"There's a Dutch saying: act normal. Witch is ironic concidering that the Dutch are anything but normal"

Well now I feel offended.

Author — TW videos


Also a Dutch tradition:
Going to a video about the Netherlands and saying "I am Dutch and I ...." to give your unrequested opinion.

Author — Jebooiii


I only say “doe normaal” if someone is annoying

Author — Alma Veuger


Plz. The real reason Dutch are so tall, is all the short people drowned.

Author — Keith Larsen


1:25 So Vincent says north holland twice instead of North Brabant :(

Author — Nick Smans


Please don't come to the Keukenhof, the roads are full of tourists that time of the year and I have to get to work people..!

Author — Atomic


Paul: “The Netherlands is the most densely populated country in Europe”

Monaco: “Hold my people”

Author — Nerve 202


The highest peak of the Netherlands is a person

Author — RyNaR


Silently crying because the Dutch guy called my province “North-Holland” when it’s really “North-Brabant” 😂

Also, a small note: Willem van Oranje was NOT the first king of the Netherlands. He was what is called a “stadhouder”. The Netherlands didn’t become a kingdom until 1815 with the first king being Willem I van Oranje (they sometimes get confused because they’re both called Willem).

Author — Julia Stetter


Im in love with the Netherlands, I hope I will be there in the future, greetings from Argentina❤️

Author — Licho


that is actually the first time i hear an american pronounce "gouda" correctly, well done

Author — pheniks0


weird they don't talk about cursing, we are on the top of that

Author — 2 B