Inside Star Citizen: Dealing With Healing | Summer 2021

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On this week's episode, we take a look at Alpha 3.15's upcoming updates to healing, respawning, and injuries, as Star Citizen takes a big step towards the vision of Death of a Spaceman.


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💬 Comments

With how easy it is to break your leg on a 2cm bit of floor detailing, I'm going to be limping a lot I imagine...

Author — David R. B.


Given how jittery and stupid other players look in the game even when just standing still, these limp animations will add a new layer of buggy hilarity.

Author — Bboy Corrosive


Good luck to Evocati members. I'm sure the first few patches will be interesting haha

Author — Valym


A “track body position” would be crucial. So the gear can be retrieved. Also/or a working „track“ ship feature

Author — KWA


I've got a feeling this is going to be fun at first... but the instability of the servers will quickly ruin that fun and turn us all into default avatars who carry little to nothing on their person lest we lose it to the 30k gods...

Author — T-Jack


I love how that buggy caught fire from the impact damage running over the dude lol. Also loving the direction healing/looting is going come next patch.

Author — Dewderonomy


For solo players the downed state is just the same as just dying outright. I hope that NPC rescues are planned.

Author — Cellulanus


The severe leg injury animation clearly missed the deadline.

Author — Brutaux


Love the new update, but honestly, with the many countless bugs, we tend to backspace to kill ourselves; if we end up losing the gear and stuff... You'll see a lot of naked fellas around doing missions haha!

Author — Sqoun


I can't wait to take one stim for a headache and be addicted to them for the entire patch

Author — Justin Robin


4:11 this is kind of silly for a "severe leg injury" lol. I hope they fix this eventually to where only your torso and above are pulling you along the ground. OR maybe your torso and the working leg are pushing you along.

But overall looks amazing!

Author — Jordan Roberts


Thats cool and all but it might be a bit early for death to have a penalty. At least all the time.
Given how much we still die of bugs or because its the only workaround id like it better to either respawn with everything except what i was holding like right now or get a new suicide/ additional forced respawn function in case of bug

Author — C V


This is sick. But with the amount of times I've phased through floors, lost health by running through doorways and other little bugs with similar outcomes, this could be a very dangerous patch.

Author — Trembly


Would be nice to have the Apollo around with tier 1 beds.

Author — VertagoOne


We need some kind of indication that someone is responding to us. Also, how are people notified? Is it a mission pop for everyone? Do we have to message the server? How is this handled?

Author — Codewow


Bring out your dead, Bring out your dead... "I'm not dead - I'm getting better"

Author — SandgroperWA6000


I hope u dont die from walking across the transition from the stairs to ground like on every delivary mission ever!

Author — Pup Shepard


I really hope that when you get "downed" that you have the option to activate a beacon so people can get a quest to come save you.

Author — thesilverspanch


Severely injured legs should drag after the body, not actively move as if the player is going prone intentionally.

Author — Yaroslav


1:21 "Hold Spacebar to die, and revive at [PH] Hold M to trigger revival mission"
Revival mission hype!

Author — Captain Cloud Superhero