Walking in Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. City Life on Granville Street.

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Walking in Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. City Life on Granville Street. 4.5
What do you like or not like about this city?

We start this video in Pink Alley.

After a left is taken, we are on Granville Street.

This area has shopping in the morning and afternoon. During the evening, it's a popular area to frequent as it has quite a few night clubs/pubs. From Hastings Street to Smithe Street, traffic is limited to basically buses and taxis.

Filmed after work during the summer of 2018.

Music & filming by Mark Quigley.

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I was born in 1925...I remember walking the streets by myself in 1930...It was not uncommon in those days for small children to wander was a different world...It would be unrecognizeable to most lived a long life....I know i only have a little time remaining...but will take some nice memories with me on my journey

Автор — Helena VonDrakenstein


I live in Vancouver! I’ve lived there my whole life! I love it! I’m 13 now!

Автор — Transitgaming 4321


Lived in Vancouver for 10 years. Awesome city but just too expensive to live in. Jobs market sucks!
Moved to Calgary. I make 4 times as much, and its cheaper to live in.

Автор — Tamatik Canada


3:25 Canto esquerdo de verde, brasileiro com certeza

Автор — Vinicius


Welcome to Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil.

Автор — luis carlos Araujo


My dream is that I want to live in Canada because I love the cities in Canada

Автор — helna mathai


আমি কানাডা দেশকে ভালো বাশি কিন্তু আমি এক ফকিন্নি কানাডা যাওয়ার টাকা নাই i love Canada my form Bangladesh 🇧🇩🇨 🇨🇦 🇧🇩 🇨🇦

Автор — ৪২০ করে দিবো


I really would love to live in Vancouver. :(

Автор — Tugrul Akman


That is where I was born, I feel so homesick watching this. So cool living there. Thanks for this one. Guess I have to take
a ferry next year now lol's.

Автор — itty bitty kitty Hello kitty


Very beautiful video.
When I watching this video
I was just thinking about my luck whether I will pass my life in such a beautiful country in coming time or no.
My God make closer my dream

Автор — Perfume Dealer


this video totally took me to another world ❤❤❤

Автор — AN Ramouny


I live in the US, and everytime I see videos of Canadian cities one thing that amazes me the most is the cleanliness of the streets. Another thing is that there are no old run down buildings. All the buildings are new and well maintained.

Автор — elena79rus


I am an Indian. I want to go to Vancouver for to do job. Pls any one tell me how is possible this? Help me

Автор — Rattiram Kumhar


I love vancouver
Someday i will live in van
Today i tried to work for my dream

Автор — Lita Park


My dream is that I want to go to Canada. Canada is very beautiful in the country

Автор — azizur rahman


I will like to visit there twice every year

Автор — Pastor Gabriel Ndukwe


This city is really beautiful, I wanna go there !

Автор — Ika Safitri


Going to lived here with my fam and to go to school im 3rd year btw wish me luck

Автор — Onii Chan


I used to live there to study abroad. This video reminds me of that period.

Автор — Seongwoong Baek


We use to live there when we were kids. I love Stanley park.

Автор — Brenda Broadis