Walking in Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. City Life on Granville Street.

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Walking in Downtown Vancouver BC Canada. City Life on Granville Street. 4.5

What do you like or not like about this city?

We start this video in Pink Alley.

After a left is taken, we're on Granville Street.

This area has shopping in the morning and afternoon. During the evening, it's a popular area to frequent as it has quite a few night clubs/pubs. From Hastings Street to Smithe Street, traffic is limited to buses, emergency vehicles and taxis.

Filmed after work during summer.

Music & filming by Mark Quigley.

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I was born in 1925...I remember walking the streets by myself in 1930...It was not uncommon in those days for small children to wander was a different world...It would be unrecognizeable to most lived a long life....I know i only have a little time remaining...but will take some nice memories with me on my journey

Author — Helena VonDrakenstein


I am almost 60 years old and have lived in Vancouver all my life. I work at a downtown hotel and have seen a monumental change in the people that walk the downtown streets. Before cell phones and technology people were carefree and considerate towards one another. Today people walk the streets a slave to their phone. Pedestrians crossing streets without looking for cars and cars not looking for distracted pedestrians. The powers that be have brainwashed this generation into zombies. The world when I was a child was simple and carefree. I truly miss it 😞

Author — That 70s Guy


Welcome to Campina Grande, Paraíba, Brazil.

Author — luis carlos Araujo


Lived in Vancouver for 10 years. Awesome city but just too expensive to live in. Jobs market sucks!
Moved to Calgary. I make 4 times as much, and its cheaper to live in.

Author — Tamatik Canada


I love Vancouver, I believe in the nearest future, I and my family will live in this beautiful place.

Author — Ugboaja Joseph


I love vancouver
Someday i will live in van
Today i tried to work for my dream

Author — Lita Park


3:26 Palmeiras's t-shirt hahaha... Palmeiras...



It's beautifull I still remember when I was living on Granville street some 15 years back.❤️to see it again.thanks n❤️.

Author — Spiritual healer-New Dimension Engr Prof AZ Rehmani


12:44 Omg! Missing!!?? Scary! Hope they have been found?

Author — yo elp


12:50 always wanted to stay at that Best Western Plus. When we called a few summers ago, it was $279 a night. That’s too much for me haha (I’m cheap!)

Author — Super Nintendan


I lived in BC Vancouver Canada with my late wife I have three kids, all teens now.Two live in Cambs boy and girl, my other Daughter lives In BC Vancouver Canada.

Author — Chris Morhen


Going to lived here with my fam and to go to school im 3rd year btw wish me luck

Author — Onii Chan


this video totally took me to another world ❤❤❤

Author — AN Ramouny


Hi there, I've been enjoying watching this. It's good to discover how we can share and learn so much from each other about places, through channels such as this, especially about places we may never get to visit, thank you for taking the time to add it.

Author — Living Walks


Beautiful city cool
Remember I used to walk here . I used live in karesedale nice place to live. But rent was high well thats bc
People are pretty well dressed better then London

Author — Meyer Mica


It's so beautiful, reminds me a little of New York but seems more peaceful

Author — Pablo Ríos Camarena Zozaya


L'homme de la terrasse (French Edition) Kindle Edition
by Alexandra Laquerriere (Author)

Author — szs voc


how i wish to be there once in my life ..but then i remember i belong to a lower middle class family cant afford to go there in this life ..may be better luck next life

Author — miss isha


14:06 written :" health and happiness . Not available in Canada " !!! How is that ? !!!!

Author — Wahid Hethat


Once I visit Toronto, I want to visit Vancouver as my next Canadian City I see. That, Winnipeg and maybe Montreal

Author — Ian Burke