Will a robot take my job? | The Age of A.I.

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The fear of losing jobs to computers is a common one among millions of people, and one that many have seen happen in their lifetime. But A.I. has the potential to allow many jobs to evolve, to become safer, more efficient and better for society as a whole.

The Age of A.I. is a 8 part documentary series hosted by Robert Downey Jr. covering the ways Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Neural Networks will change the world.

0:00 Introduction
1:23 Automated Trucking
15:00 A.I. at the Port of Long Beach
21:40 Training A Generalist
27:22 Pizza 2.0

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Question: will robot take away my job
Me: first, I should have a job

Author — AsAlways.


"Robots don't have common sense like humans do"....Then I see three people almost get hit by a truck because they ran out on a high way. Sorry but some humans don't have common sense either and they manage; I have faith in robots

Author — Izanagi_ Shinigami


I love the woman, she talks to the truck as if it's her child.

Author — Maggie


Tony stark before: age of ultron
Tony stark today: age of a.i

Author — MARVGAMING 26


When they say "work side by side with humans" they are totally downplaying the impact of AI on jobs. Yes it will work with humans but we will need like 2 humans in every factory instead of 200.

Author — Meowdy Partner


Robots can take any job imaginable —even the job of a robot creator.

Author — Philosophical Advice


Imagine people of the future watching this

Author — Onepiece barca


"Create new jobs" he says like it won't be a massively disproportionate differance before and after.

Author — Jaq Hass


Hope they dont automate programming for another century.

Author — Enrique Llerena


When AI doesn't need us, that will be a problem.

Author — tlove21


"The future is now, old man."

Author — Guilherme 130


Humans: Robots have no common sense!
Robots: Humans crossing in front of truck have no common sense!

Author — Suraj Kothari


There's always an Asian better than you

Author — f f


Why do I have the feeling that at any second, Tony stark might just snap and say: "TRUTH IS... I AM IRONMAN"

Author — JOMAC


Question: "Will a robot take my job?" Your employer: "Yes, because I want to pocket your salary."

Author — Spartaculus Jones


Age of A.I.: Will AI take my job?
Me: God I hope so

Author — 1pigza


10:17 Robert says "the endgame..." lmao

Author — Cameron Huff


I cant imagine how college/ university will survive

Author — parash Gajmer


This series about AI looks like it was shot with a 3-man crew and each episode was finished within 3-4 days. Looks too cheap.

Author — fredocorleone


1:18 It's been a while since they lost iron man

Author — Helbert737