depressing songs for depressed people 1 hour mix ~ Promise? (sad music playlist)

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♫ depressing songs for depressed people 1 hour mix ~ Promise? (sad music playlist)

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• sad songs to cry to 1 hour mix
• depressing songs for depressed people 1 hour mix
sad songs | sad music playlist | sad music playlist | depressing songs

🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 SLANDER - Love Is Gone ft. Dylan Matthew Acoustic (slowed + reverb)
3:39 hayd - closure
6:56 Snøw & Monty Datta - Say Goodbye
9:26 conan grey - heather
12:45 yaeow, kina - i need u
15:15 post malone ~ circles (lofi remix)
19:29 rnla - goodnight
21:44 Beowulf ~ savior
23:48 kina - i feel empty
26:47 SadBoyProlific - Alone ft. ivri
29:49 Kina ~ Baybe U Are Worth With It
32:00 billie eilish - can't help falling in love
34:51 SLANDER - Love Is Gone ft. Dylan Matthew Acoustic (slowed + reverb)
38:31 hayd - closure
41:47 Snøw & Monty Datta - Say Goodbye
44:17 yaeow, kina - i need u
46:47 rnla - goodnight
49:02 Beowulf ~ savior
51:06 kina - i feel empty
54:05 SadBoyProlific - Alone ft. ivri
57:07 Kina ~ Baybe U Are Worth With It
59:18 billie eilish - can't help falling in love

Genre: sad songs,sad music,depressing songs.

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• depressing songs for depressed people 1 hour mix
• depressing songs for depressed people
sad 1 hour mix | sad songs mix | sad music playlist | Promise?

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💬 Comments

The worst kind of sad is not being able to explain why.

Author — parker madison


“People don’t cry because they’re weak. They cry because they’ve been strong for too long.” - Johnny Depp

To the person reading this comment, I don’t even know you but I hope you achieve everything you dream of and become successful. ❤️

Author — SoilofAmbiance


"it's better to have a true enemy than a fake friend"

-Tom And Jerry

Author — Sean Cres


"No one notices your tears
No one notices your pain
No one notices your sadness
All they notice are your mistakes"

Author — Moostify


The moment you realize people on the internet who are complete strangers care about you more than people you actually know

Author — Ocean And Diamond Gaming


Am I only one just listening to these songs tearing up and reading the comments in a pitch black room??...

Author — °MîPân°


i hide my feelings from everyone including myself i don’t realized how sad i am until these nights

Author — Sam Astrom


Telling a depressed person to be happy is like telling a person with Asthma, there’s plenty of air to breathe.

Author — mrsflamesodessa 82


"There are 7 billion people on this planet but there are 14 billion faces" - Joker

Author — xd blobin


“the worst pain is the one you can’t tell, the saddest pain is the one no one understands”
-me 2021

Author — Stary•Sea★彡☆彡


It’s funny how online friends care more about you then real life friends

Author — Bl4ckBeauty💅


Sometimes I wish I can just close my eyes and wake up, realizing all of this pain was just a horrible nightmare

Author — Not Cherish


Sometimes I just look at my mom's face and feel like- she deserves a better kid than me- why tf I'm so useless 💔

Author — Amjin editz


Yk what the worst thing is?
When you’re crying alone at night into your pillow having to hold your scream in, because you know you’d get yelled at for being up too late, and they wouldn’t let you explain.

Author — anime


Respect your pillow, it held your tears when no one else did

Author — Leila Fezer


Your the one in the group who always smiles and laughs right?? Your alone now.. 🙃 Let it out.. Ill always respect my pillows for catching my tears.. 😭😭💔

Author — Dalma Szabó


No matter how many tears we cry at night, we will show up at school the next day with a smile on our face. Nobody will know, and nobody will care…

Author — Cali Duncan


Pov: your the person who makes everyone else in your group laugh and smile.. But they've never seen what's behind the smile and the jokes.. All they see is what's on top.. And even when you tell them what's happening they just go and make up a fake story to make you say sorry and comfort them.. And you know they never cared but you still go back..

Author — Kiri simp


I'm not depressed but sometimes it feels like i haven't cried in a long time or i smiled to much that i just need to let my feelings go

Author — polosweetheart


"The strong ones break first. Their the ones carrying the weak."

"But I was never strong"

Author — BlueyIce