Overwhelmed (Chri$tian Gate$ Remix) Official Video

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Overwhelmed (Chri$tian Gate$ Remix) Official Video

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Can we talk about how good his voice sounds and makes the whole song better than it needs to be

Author — yeonxtulips


This mind isn't mine, who am I to judge?
Oh, I should be fine, but it's all too much

I get overwhelmed so easily
My anxiety creeps inside of me
Makes it hard to breathe
Words come over me
Feels like I'm somebody else

So just don't get overwhelmed
And then you'll make it out
Then you'll be just fine
I promise you don't have to worry 'bout a thing
Don't let it break you down
You got me by your side
And when you'll feel the difference, it'll be night and day
Night and day

Fuck what they think
I'll tell you you're fine
When you're with me
I ain't letting that slide
Fuck what they say
They're no friend of mine
If they keep coming
I ain't lettin' one by

That's the way it goes
If they ever try to touch you, then just stay at home
That's the way it ends
I'll make sure they don't see another day again
These things take time
To let them get to your head
You let them in your mind
Now they're under your bed
They come in easy
But is harder to get them out
So just don't get overwhelmed

My mind isn't mine, who am I to judge?
(My anxiety comes too easily)
Oh, I should be fine, but it's all too much
I get overwhelmed
I should be fine, but it's all too much
(My anxiety comes too easily)
I should be fine, but I'm not
(My anxiety comes too easily)

I get overwhelmed
Don't get overwhelmed
And you'll make it out
I promise you don't have to worry 'bout a thing
Don't let it break you down
You got me by your side

I get overwhelmed
Don't take me now
I'm not ready to forget
Don't cut me out
Pray my life's not soon to end
Don't take me now
I'm not ready to forget
Don't cut me out
(Pray my life's not soon to end

Author — x name


"So just don't get overwhelmed"

- Christian Gates 2021

Author — NooserBoyYmar


It is very comforting, I know some people say yeah "just don't get overwhelmed" but it really helped me relax, especially with your voice, I love it, thank you for everything!

Author — sakura heartfilia


I really like this ngl. It shows not only one side but two perspectives. The person with anxiety and a friend of that person. Probably only real friend the other person has. The lyrics may be dumb but it shows that not everyone knows right off the bat how to calm someone down. Also at the end where he says “don’t cut me out” he’s probably having overwhelming thoughts himself about losing his only friend. Not only that his voice makes it ten times better because his voice is so calming.

Author — DanjerArts 2


damn the beat droped harder than my grades in highschool

Author — Blóðhundur


You know a song’s good when it got that *feeling* to it

Author — Camren Dilbeck


I love this version so much. In literally *ANY OTHER SITUATION* "So just don't get overwhelmed" would be infuriating and extremely unhelpful to hear, but cutting off a song literally about freaking out about it just has a different effect I guess. Definitely not for anyone to try in real life though, you will DEFINITELY get slapped.

Author — Caitlin


His voice is amazing and calming, I can't even begin to say how much this calms me when I get overwhelmed or when I overstim (autisim) this song is like a second therapy for me! Well done!

Author — Killer Bunny


I love this version, but “so just don’t get overwhelmed” makes my anxiety hysterically laugh.

Author — Ty Francis


For those suffering from anxiety please keep strong, l know it’s hard but life gets better. The overwhelming can and WILL be strong but don’t be frightened you are strong. YOU GOT THIS🥺❤️

Author — Any Len


Damn the beat dropped so hard my grandma thought the germans were back

Author — jing wei


Lyrics touched my heart man ❤️❤️❤️ another masterpiece underated on YouTube



Christian's voice is very perfect and it matches perfectly with the song in addition to the lyrics he added it was very good too

Author — samuel martins


I'm so sad he's so underated! His voice is legit so nice and calming. I love it and his lyrics make this song 1000% better.

Author — Anne Stevens


I was today years old when I found out you sang this version. And I just wanted to say that you have a wonderful voice ♡

Author — I have no idea what I’m doing with my life.


i love singing this song and your voice sticks out so much it’s the best ive ever heard like woah!

Author — kev kerr


I love this I swear this makes me feel great inside when I’m having panic attacks I just listen to this and it helps so much

Author — Jazmine


Has no one thought that these lyrics represent how some of us with anxiety and or depression lie to ourselves in our heads and try to comfort others who are struggling, and try to believe we are okay?

I only have recently realized because my boyfriend, that I lie to myself and say I'm fine while trying to protect my friends and others, but end up causing myself more pain and anxiety because I try to believe I'm okay and not speak to someone.

And when I get overwhelmed I don't know what to do, I tell myself not to get overwhelmed and try to act like "hey fuck them I don't care" when I really do care.

Your mind isn't your own but at the same time, it is. You get too overwhelmed with everything but try to believe it's fine, but believing that only makes it worse.

It's like two parts of you are fighting, "fuck what they think", "I SHOULD be fine, but I'm not" these lyrics contradict each other for a possible reason, also notice how the camera is all fuzzed out like in the original. Some take anxiety differently than others, but one of the symptoms of anxiety, or of an anxiety and/or panic attack is that things start to get all fuzzy.

"Don't cut me out, " to me signifies trying to fit in not to be cut out of society. Basically having to lie to yourself that you are okay so you don't get left alone, which is the true anxiety you've been experiencing in reality.

Maybe instead of arguing over if the song is offensive or not... uhm. We could all just enjoy or skip over it.

Author — UnwantedEnterprise


I love this bro, absolutely fire! this song has been stuck in my head for a couple days now since i first heard the song on tiktok! keep up the great work bro you’re going places for sure stay patient and don’t give up bro!!

Author — Lil Sco