Syria: Security checks carried out at Hmeimym airbase

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Syria: Security checks carried out at Hmeimym airbase 4.5
Footage was released on Wednesday showing Russian military police carrying controls at check points at the entrance to Hmeimym airbase in Syria.

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Russians brothers I hope u will be back home safe/all my Polish is with you

Author — El Craftsman


Really good job Russia I want one of your red hats

Author — Seth Lewis


Red Army is the best, nobody cares for the rest.

Author — Nikakis Kainourgios


0:36 sound of Russian language is music for my ears

Author — Matjaž /


Comrades! Become shoulder to shoulder with us and fight for peace in the world. Don't believe the liberal liars, who serve multinational corporations. Love Russia because she is the Mother of Nations. Love your Mother!

Author — Olov Viking


The Russians have really stepped up their game when it comes to equipment

Author — crude223


Thank you Russia ! Families have lived there for millinea, living their way of life. The ones who caused this destruction will soon vanish from the face of this Earth.

Author — Frank Joseph


no more world war 3 :( new president.

Author — Havoc


I got confused when I saw iveco trucks instead of tigr’s but then I was like oh yea they have those

Author — Jasper Mennink


Uniform ng Russian army parang tulad ng SA Philippine army😅

Author — Zaldy Roldan


Russia is tied to Syria by religion/ shared values and interests! viva La Russia! viva la Putin!

Author — Cheryl Brandon


truck is IVECO LYNX, and 'a great vehicle against mines and RPG (7), and' used in Afghanistan and has saved the lives of Italian soldiers, has a protective Kevlar ceramic good, too bad it does not have active systems against ATGM like Israeli trophy for the rest and 'good

Author — danilo toppia


What kind it's that nice 4 WD ? I never saw before .

Author — Vlad Nicol


this helicopter sound make me remeber afgan war

Author — Tafri mukhtar


ребята вам удачи пусть аллах вас хранить.

Author — Nasriddin Amralishoev


I humbale request russia dont join the turkey pls help the syrian christain & kurdish pls india not a good country turkey one day india destroyed turkey ...its a terror hepled country

Author — Chandrakanth Chandrakanth


Respect to Orthodox Christian Brothers of Russia to beat down the Zionist rubbish. And lots of love from Muslims. We will unite and fight against the Zionists who are the oppressors of the world. We will fight them till the end.

Author — Haseeb Saad


I miss being MP. How many turns do Russian MPs get in rotation

Author — James Scott