World Cup 2019 | PAK vs IND | Takht Ya Takhta with Salman Butt & Aamer Sohail | Mid-Innings

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World Cup 2019 | PAK vs IND | Takht Ya Takhta with Salman Butt & Aamer Sohail | Mid-Innings 4.5

It's Pakistan vs India in Cricket World Cup 2019. Who will win the match? What will be the strength and weakness of both teams? Find out in the latest episode of Takht Ya Takhta with Ashar Zaidi (Anchor), Salman Butt and Aamer Sohail (Experts).

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💬 Comments on the video

Salman butt ko sunkar gambhir ki yad aa jati he.. ☺️

Author — Jeevan Sen


*I Am Pakistani From Lahore, And I Know That INDIA IS FATHER OF Pakistan*

Happy Fathers Day Daddy (India) !


Author — Happy Singh


Salman butt is a great cricket Deserve your own U-tube channel.... Great cricket sense...Love from india



5:12 Salman ki butt k saath puri agree Kiya. 😂

Author — Abhijith Nair


Had no idea Salman Butt had such a strong cricketing acumen...very balanced and precise analysis...
That line was hilarious...."Hum yo yo kare ja rahe hai..wo 100 100 kare ja rahe hai" 😂😂🤣🤣😂😂
But...the decline of Pakistan cricket is not good for world elites have destroyed it, like every other institution in your country...hope you are atleast able to bounce back in cricket.

Author — Abhinav Patni


Salman butts knowledge about cricket is precious

Author — asim javed


Everyone was blindly praising amir just because he didnt go for much runs.salman butt said it right.who needs maiden overs from amir if he is not picking early wickets

Author — Avijit Singha


Amazing analytical skills by Salman Butt.

If, all the analytical players and members are seating in the news room.

Who's is handling PCB ???🤔

Good job Salman, respect from India🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

Author — Saurabh S


Finally I find these guys Who makes sense from Pakistan

Author — Harsha Reddy


I watched Salman play he was a flair stylish skilled bat. From 🇮🇳 lots of respect for him. The way he analyzed the skill of Rohit, shows how good student and observer Salman is. These kind of people needed in team and system for Pakistan.

Author — Live free


Salman butt has a bloody good cricketing head, Pakistan should use him and other people like amir Sohail as their cricketing think tank.

Author — Research Mechanical



Aamir Sohail: Salman ki "BUTT" se maine totally agree kia 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Author — Saswat Samantaray


waoo very NYC that boy salman is excellent I think he has brilliant sence of cricket

Author — Varindersehgal Sehgal


Salman butt you deserve a youtube channel great analysis

Author — Devesh Pratap


How I wish Salman Butt hadn't sold himself and his country! He was the one carrying the mantle after Saeed Anwer! :(

Author — Adil Khalid


I used to admire Salmaan butt batting...honestly he used to get good start for Pakistan most of the time.

Author — vikas atkan


Salman har bar india k against chalta tha 😑😑😑 record utha k dekh lo butt ka india k against 🙄

Author — Lalit Parashar


Despite his past Salman Butt analysis is best in comparison to other so-called experts of Pakistan and Aamir Sohail is gud. as well

Author — Gaurav Pandey


Hum yo yo kare ja rahe hai wo 100 100 kare ja rahe hai😂😂😂

Author — Manas Singh


Amazing analysis by Amir and Salman. This is the first time I saw the show. They are talking a lot of sense as compared to the other shows who praise the team so much when it does well and same guys will bad mouth the team once they lose. I am an Indian this is the first time I've become a fan of a Pakistani. Keep it up Salman and Amir.

Author — Noel Mascarenhas