Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 62

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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Glitches - Son of a Glitch - Episode 62 5

In this episode, we catch up with Nathan Drake to find old glitches die hard, but newer glitches are unearthed in the process! Uncharted 4 everybody!

Glitches -
1. Chapter 2 Gustavo Glitches - 0:22
2. Spider Nate Glitch - 1:32
3. Broken Arm Glitch - 2:01
4. Stretchy Nate Glitch - 2:15
5. Weird Hand Glitch - 2:50
6. Rope Glitch - 3:07
7. Sam Glitches - 3:44
8. Jeep Glitches - 5:29
9. T Pose Glitch - 6:08
10. Photo Mode Glitch - 6:23
11. Object Asset Glitches - 6:47
12. Invisible Characters Glitch - 7:32
13. Chapter 7 Out of Bounds - 8:23
14. Cover Breach Out of Bounds - 9:07
15. Speedrun Trophy Glitch - 10:28
16. Chapter 12 Skip - 11:19
17. Super Swimming Glitch - 11:56

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💬 Comments on the video

Pff.. these are not glitches, these are Nate the Great's tricks

Author — József Vári


I didn't notice a single glitch in uncharted 4

Author — Jacob Jarrett


1. The Flash
2. Aquaman
3: Superman

Author — Kitz


With those powers, Sam could have escaped prison without Rafe.

Author — Telporting Cube


Sam is doing his best Magneto impression at 4:43

Author — Pipboy3004


Imagine playing this section without knowing the glitch, I'd just panic after Sam got "pulled" under water xD

Author — ExSuPiO1


Guys, that's the point: A compilation of glitches on a near-perfect game. He went out of his, and the game's, way to find interesting glitches for the Uncharted fanbase to enjoy.

Author — Holy_ShushCabin


Yo, this is like a try not to laugh fr me, this is so funny.

Author — IT'S ME DSNRZ


4:45 You know what's best about that glitch, Sam has his arms folded evil supervillain style.

Author — Caspian Horlick


4:40 I love how he either goes Jesus/EvilSuperman/Magneto it is like "I have finally decided to reveal my true power"

Author — proxy90909


Sam is a psychic overlord. All hail Overlord Sam.

Author — ultrix soma


I played the game three times and never got a glitch. not fair.

Author — David Duarte


At 2:50 Nate looks like he's doing "wat are

Author — R man


You must be trying pretty hard to break this game. Didn't encounter any of these in my 3 playthroughs.

Author — Andy Gilleand


4:44 its just Sam doing his impression of M. Bison :D

Author — Celtia


To be honest I didn't get any glitch...

Author — Sinayat A


That one where Sam glides into the boat...his model looks like that is a random but intended thing...
This game needs a patch.

Author — scatlink sean


Sam has mastered the powers of Jesus Christ.

Author — SkelMiguelTon


I feel like some of these glitches are caused by loading issues because of players replacing the hard drive

Author — Luke


4:43 That could have been the whole video, I would still favorite it just for how fucking hilarious that was, definitely made my day xD

Author — Eldritch Toilets